Erotic Romanc /Mature Content Contempary/chick-lit - Occupy --- it's where the party at :)

I couldn’t find this section so I thought I would set up a topic and occupy. lol

Lets talking about writing reading and other stuff.

This is about erotica with a really great well-developed plot, as well as some great scenes. It’s my favorite type of book and it’s fun to read.

What are you reading?


s a m e

i haven’t read erotica for while now though since i’ve been trying to write it myself. i have made little progress

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French Revolution style. Cut throat. Build up, Climax, Execution.

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oh, I get what your saying. Although i almost thought for a second you were talking about historical ertocia which I’m not a huge fan of.

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It’s hard to write but don’t get caught up on the sex scene. I think it’s more important to have a banging memorable plot.


hey how did you do that blurred word thing?

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Has anyone gotten their pitchforks and gas masks yet?^ ^

um no lol?

maybe pink dildo instead of pitchforks. lol

Works for me.


im writing a erotic thriler

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Very cool how is the write going? Welcome to the thread

Welcome to the thread :slight_smile:

Et vous mme MistressOP.


:+1: Yep. Good eyes there.

pretty good i need to start story boarding

Welcome to the occupy lol :slight_smile:

What is your favorite type?

I’m a romance erotica type. I love a good solid plot with RAcy as HELL scenes.

eh i like the drag, the type where the tension is increasing so much and then theres a snap at the end. Though my story is a romantic erotic thriller, the first chapter is pretty rancid but in the second chapter it gets tamei

I’ve been dying to write an erotic paranormal romance about a coven of witches but… so many projects to take care of…