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I feel you. I’ve been jones’n for a solid take on Succubus. That isn’t a women or man ashamed she or he is. Just super joyful. Yet smart and funny.

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oh trainwreck plot with sexy times or the tension is the sex or leading up to it?

the leading up to it usually

yeah i think im more into the plot trainwreck. Love triangles and will they won’t they… never did it for me. I think one of my favorite books they banged on the first page LMAO… the plot trainwreck as just… insane though. really good job.

I need more people/creatures that own their sexuality overall tbh.

I think those books are coming. I was watching the RWA awards. there was this speech by the winner. Channeling romance to broaden its narrative. more LGBT, more people of color, more tales of different type of people. part of the reason a lot of these books don’t get traction is no one talks about it. it doesn’t create a genre with people in it asking for it. in a sense by never talking about them or supporting them. they never get to create a wide fanbase that crosses the genre divides

the awards winner said the guild to change. to get it’s shit together and realize the world we are currently living in. not the one from the 80s 90s or whatever that the members and judges act like they are in. they needed to let emerging talent happen and open doors.

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Sounds like a wonderful speech. I should look it up

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Hi! I’m new. Like really, really new. I have a friend who encouraged me to put up a story. It is a work in progress, really rough still. Not much too it yet and it is my first time writing sex scenes, so I’m a bit nervous that they are going to come across stupid instead of hot, lol. My story is about a couple who gets involved in polyamory. They all happen to be very high-profile celebs. It is a woman with 3 husbands, I’m splitting it up by husband starting with the first. The leave Hollywood to live a bit more freely. They feel if the public finds out their careers would be over. There won’t be much “crazy” sex in the first book because things like DP, bondage, and stuff like that doesn’t happen until they start their relationship with who will become husband number two. I’d love for some pointers as I go along if you’d like to read it.


Hello nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Hi Mistress, nice to meet you too!

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Good nice to meet you to. :slight_smile: are you a writer, reader, or both? What type of books are your favorite?

Hi I am a bit of both. I am trying my hand at some romance writing. I like to write poetry but I write mainly as therapy or for fun. I am a super amateur at writing fiction. I love to read. I like erotica but it has to have a good plot, Sex for the sake of sex in writing doesn’t do it for me. I really like paranormal fiction/romance, Sci-Fi, Historical fiction, I like a little bit of everything. You?

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urban fantasy, trainwreck plots ( contemporary romance/ Erotic Romance)

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I followed you, your writing is intriguing, Especially Fixing Noah. Looking forward to reading it.

oh that’s cool. lol noah isn’t trainwreck LMAO. tho it’s more modern chicklit.

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fixing noah?

i got my account fixed finally :)!!!

it’s more chick-lit
it’s about a woman who got married had kids young. gave it up to do the mom and work thing instead of finishing college and what not. because that’s who she thought she wanted to be. her husband cheats on her life falls apart. she has a small biz doing asst. work for people professioanlly online and decides to take her first live in personal asst. job for a youtube channel. that’s where the story starts pretty much. It’s a year in her life and the guy she meets.

I just like to say. I would love it if wattpad got a mature or ertoica section with a viewer or something. I always try and use the search and come up bust a lot.


When you start that one, please inform me lol :raising_hand_woman::+1:

(referring to your story idea)


How erotic is erotic romance? Manly, I ask because I always assumed romance and eroticism were different things.

Writing an erotic lesbian short, or a romantic … here goes the Western puns, a straight shooter. I always dread it when I feel a pun is coming.