Essential Elements of Writing


What do you feel are needed in a good piece of writing?

I think I’ll need this later on to help me :joy:


Third person but only because I’m super picky




Making me care about the characters or engage me with the plot. Though even if the writing is good I probably wouldn’t read present tense because I really struggle with reading it and just haven’t found a way to get around those struggles. I just can’t get into a reading groove like I can with past tense.


Giving “side” characters as much depth as the main one(s). I noticed that I didn’t do that in my first book after rereading it. If they’re supporting characters, don’t make them just agree with the MC 24/7. They have their own flaws, worries, goals and other important traits that may or may not align with your MC. Make them feel like they’re main characters of their own stories that end in their growth.


please, do the world a favor and get these things right:


There’s probably more I forgot as it’s easy for me

  • Dimensional characters
  • Conflict / Stakes (make us CARE about your characters!)

  1. Make ALL of your characters relatable. And make sure that you let them emote.
  2. White room problem - do not fall for it. Describe! Do not describe the entire room for god sakes, decribe enough to help the readers visualise.
  3. Supporting characters are NOT sidekicks.
  4. Your characters cannot keep talking. Too much dialogue is that - too much

I have more. But these are all I can think of, so . . .


Sympathy/empathy for the MC. If I don’t care how they feel or what they’re trying for, then the book is less impactful.

Also GOALS. FOR PETE’S SAKE PLEASE MC’S NEED A REASON THEY’RE DOING WHAT THEY’RE DOING OR SOMETHING THEY NEED. It drives me up a creek when I’m halfway through a book and the MC is still wandering around doing nothing and needing nothing.

Sorry I have a lot of feels about goals…


This this this!

I don’t care what the conflict is if the protag doesn’t care!