✨ Evolving Stars ✨ - Do you desire to become a Wattpad Star?

:sparkles: Evolving Stars :sparkles:

Welcome to Evolving Stars, a thread where people who desire to become a Star gather and support each other. Of course, we’ll welcome you too if you are already a Star.

What is the Stars Program?

Wattpad Stars is a community of Wattpadders who represent the most influential and aspirational writers on the platform. Being a Wattpad Star means that you are one of Wattpad’s best and brightest. Your promising talent and exemplary community engagement have shown us that you’re someone who takes their time on Wattpad seriously, and we want to return the love that you’ve shown us.

What are the requirements?

Stars are selected based on several factors: Activity (how often you publish content), Engagement (how often and in which ways you interact with the community), Talent (the quality and originality of your writing) and Uniqueness (your personal brand). You can find every other information about the program here.

How can this thread help?

As I mentioned above, this thread is for users who desire to become a Star. We need to support each other, not only to become Wattpad’s best and brightest, but also to improve ourselves and our craft. This thread will help you to improve with writing a logline, a summary, a blurb … and that all with each other’s feedback. But that’s not everything … we’re also here to make friends because real friendship is often forgotten or lost on the road of success.

So … do you want to become a Star? Why/why not?


1. Stars Writer Program Interest Form

2. First Aid with Stars Interest Form

3. Collected Data on Stars (latest data)

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I would love to be a star, its been a dream of mine!
At this point I’m not sure what else to do but wait and I’m okay with that:)


Did you submit the form already? I’m sure that if you show you’re working to improve yourself, have quality stories and a great brand … you’ll be chosen one day :blush:


Yes I did earlier this year! :heart: thank you for your kind words

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No problem! Which story did you use for your submission?

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I used my story Falling Helplessly although its been finished for a bit.
I have an ongoing story called Hard To Find that I’m wrapping up here soon

Hello! Becoming a star isn’t something I desperately want, but it is an opportunity I’m aiming for. Will either of you be entering the Watty’s? :blush:

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Yes! I like to enter every year just for fun, I’m not sure which piece I’m entering yet though. There are so many amazing stories out there that I find through the wattys too its awesome.
How about you?


Same! I usually just enter for the hell of it haha. Though, this will be my third year joining. When I joined in 2018 and 2019, I discovered so many flaws in my writing that I didn’t realize were there before, so even if I never won, I’m very grateful for that.

I want to enter a story in the Mystery/thriller category. And I’m thinking about entering one into YA, but I’m not entirely sure about that yet. How many eligible stories do you have?

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Maybe they’re watching you now and waiting for your new story to be finished :eyes:

I’ll try to participate! I cleaned up my profile this week (goodbye to fanfiction) and started with my first original story, so we’ll see :blush:


Ahhh, that’s terrific!!! Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you from the sidelines!

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Thank you! I’ve checked out your works before, but definitely will do again. I had a long-ass break from Wattpad, so that’s why I never finished any of them

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I know, I remember seeing you in my notifications! And I read some of your work before you took it down. :disappointed: But, it’s good to see you back! I hope to see more works on your profile in the future.

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Oh, thank you! You made me smile :blush:

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I feel like the Stars program sounds really cool, but as someone with unpredictable health and a busy life in general, I feel the activity criteria would put too much pressure on me, personally.

I would love to grow more as a writer but I also wouldn’t want the pressure of not being able to take time - what is it? Six months? - for my health if need be. It’s the pressure of it all that I don’t know if I can handle as I’m supposed to start university in the Fall and everything else I have going on in my life.

I’m posting regularly now and I don’t think I’ve gone without posting anything at all for six months straight in my three years of being on WP but idk my anxiety is keeping me from even submitting an application :woman_shrugging:


Awww, I’m glad!!

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It definitely can be daunting to meet criteria if life gets in the way, but I think that they’ll understand reasoning. I believe you’ll get far with open communication if you’re in the program but can’t meet criteria for a time.

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I hope that’s the case! I meet all the criteria now- to apply, obviously, not as in I think if I apply I’m a shoe-in lol - but my anxiety is just chanting “but what about the future? you know?

Do you have any idea if there’s a place in the application where you can disclose any health problems and/or situations that may impede your ability to keep up with their expectations in the future?

I overthink EVERYTHING so I’m sorry if this all sounds paranoid or stupid. :joy:

I don’t think so, but they’ll reach out first before you become a Star and I assume you can then share your worries with them.

Don’t worry about it! You definitely don’t sound paranoid or stupid!

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