Experienced copyright infringement or plagiarism on Wattpad? We'd love to hear from you!

Hi there! I’m Jess - a designer here at Wattpad working on helping writers succeed.

We’re trying to learn more about copyright infringement on our platform - how it happens, why it happens, and what we can do to help keep your stories safe. If you’ve had an experience with this and are open to sharing your feedback, please fill out the survey below! If you yourself haven’t experienced but know a friend that does? Pass this survey along to them! And if participating in this super fun, valuable survey isn’t convincing enough, one lucky respondent will also win a $50 Amazon gift card :smirk::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


What about where the copyright holder isn’t a part of WattPad?


@PandaFried didn’t you experience that at some point?


I think this chat is for you :joy:


:joy: I deserve that $50 card after what I’ve been through on here!


Then go get it XD

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I filled out the survey! Now I just have to wait :joy:

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Damn that was fast XD

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Sorry, we’re looking for cases where Wattpad users had their work either copied on the platform or taken off the platform!



I was just thinking of instances I’ve seen where WattPad users have taken pieces from other places and posted them here.


@Kotkoda :thinking:?

Done :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hope you get it! :smiley:

Does this include being posted on other platforms? I had a work pirated from wattpad and posted to amazon.




Alright, go explain your funny tale to these peeps :joy:

Lol @EdgeValmond feel free to give me a warning if you come across something like on my work xp

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I’ll keep my eyes peeled lol

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Didn’t know where to put this on the survey, so I’ll put it here:

I had a work pirated and put on Amazon. When I asked Wattpad ambassadors/staff for help, many of the ambassadors were basically like ‘We can’t do anything’ because amazon is out of Wattpad’s control. It would have been so helpful for someone to explain and help me get through the DMCA form, and explain
what I should do, because the process was really confusing.