Explain your favorite character(s) in your own book.

As the title says, name your favorite OCs and put them in the spotlight! Explain why these characters appeal to you and what you think makes them stand out.

To start things off, here are three of mine (listed in descending order of favoritism):

#4: Lian Griever
Although not as prominent as many other characters, I particularly enjoy writing Lian’s pretentious, smartass dialogue (a couple of his lines are among my favorite in the book). In spite of his normally unrepentant demeanor, Lian does have good intentions and is more than willing to put himself in harm’s way for his companions, which I also enjoy about his character.

#3: Regnal, the “Ideal God”
Among all of the antagonists of my novel, Regnal will probably be the most iconic one. As a naturally formless (but not mindless) entity that wishes to embody everything that has or will exist, along with every identity other than its own, Regnal is one of my favorites for paralleling the existence of my MC and encompassing my book’s general theme of existentialism alongside her quite well. I enjoy writing his polite yet passive-aggressive dialogue, and his quotable lines are my favorite by far.

#2: Astot, the “Herald of a New Era”
Despite his role as a prominent antagonist, Astot is benevolent and cares deeply for the wellbeing and freedom of his subordinates. Astot simply wishes to discover his “creator” (who was actually the author of the fable that inspired him to find some greater meaning to the existence of his race) before ending his eternal life; his methods of doing so are what put him at odds with my main protagonist. Although his group is hugely responsible for driving humanity to nigh-extinction, Astot does not hate humans and merely sees them as a means to an end. In short, the reason I like Astot is because I feel he stands out so much as an antagonist.

#1: Reveren Beta
An android modeled after a little girl. Although I enjoy writing her nonchalantly playful dialogue and interactions with more emotional characters, I think I favor Reveren simply because of what she is: a clever, funny, and straightforward child android who approaches her objective very professionally.


I think mine is…Eiro
He’s the main character, and my favourite thing is how gentle he is. Gentle but at the same time has a rock hard backbone. He’s a fighter…but he hates conflict. He is an interesting character to write. Oh and my favourite thing he does? He puts his hand behind his neck and holds it there whenever he’s tired, or awkward and it’s just so cute.


Hands down, my all time favorite OC is Gauis Flavius Vulcan Haydn or just simply…Haydn.

Haydn is a 1,713 year old vampire in 1885 London and serves an antagonist the first ten chapters, a friend in the next, and a lover from there on out. Haydn is a tall man whose tawny hair waves with mild frizz to his lower back with hooded blue eyes so expressive they hurt. In my head, he looks like Cody Fern lol. Thin and self-conscious about his weight due to vampirism, he flaunts around in the black tunic in which he was turned or in the stolen clothes of his victims in the latest fashion.

Haydn is a morally ambigious beauty still grieving the loss of his wife and young son, who were murdered by the one who accidentally gave him immortal life when Haydn bit him in self-defense. Haydn likes to kill the depressed, suicidal, and grieving because he was once like them. He is wise beyond comprehension, witty, impulsive, emotional, and the most fierce lover I’ve ever written.

He is a man who goes on a spiritual journey during his time with the young engaged aristocrat, Elijah Marks, with whom he falls in love with and begins a secret affair, but he is quick to reprimand Elijah when he mistreats his amazing fiancee. Haydn respects wamen lol.

Haydn is flamboyant, boisterous, and kind, charming, thoughtful, and easy to speak his mind, but alas he’s quite the hypocrite.

He becomes to Elijah an all-consuming love: a friend, lover, and father/brother in vampirism as his eventual maker. He is a man of honour who does what must be done to ensure the happiness of those he loves, even if it means killing some of them.

He is still a sad man, a grieving father and husband, and it shows in his want for Elijah to live the life that was taken from him, to get married and have children…to weep as he kills a boy he looks like his son when Elijah refuses to let Haydn turn his boy.


Since my book has two pivotal characters, I thought I’d describe them.

Luke Huxley is someone who wants to keep his head down and work his way up the chain. With nothing too special about the Special Agent, it’s easy to ask why make him the protagonist at all, but bear with me; Huxley has a dark past, and is also rather handsome. (I modelled him off of Gareth Ritter from BrainDead - if you don’t know who that is, then he bears a passing similarity to Joel Kinnaman)

His sister lives with him, which makes for an interesting household dynamic after her marriage fell apart. He’s a bit socially abrasive; explains why he’s single at the ripe old age of 31. His heart, however, is not one of darkness; he will go to extraordinary lengths for those he cares for. Also because his high-school girlfriend dumped him because he was incapable of grand gestures, and it left a mark, but that’s not going to be in the book. There’s enough teen drama on here as it is.

Jane Doe, however, is a blank slate. With no memory of her past, she struggles to accept the reality she’s found herself in; her life has no purpose, and so she needs to find one. Whatever backstory there was to her has been obliterated; she lives in the here and now, with not even a name to guide her future from the past.

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I’ve not heard of Joel Kinnamon either so I looked him up. A swell choice for a character of this magnitude. I hope things go will for your Luke and this Jane Doe character.

What did you think of my darling, Haydn?

It does seem like he has a nice arc of progression across the 26 chapters, and it’s nice to see a character that straddles the line between morality and immorality like that. Seems like a powerful and determined character, and therefore dangerous.

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And Luke’s supposedly quiet nature makes him the perfect eyes and ears for a story like yours. I’m ready to see him rise to his full potential.

And yes…Haydn is dangerous, but I would argue that Elijah’s indecisive anxiety-ridden idiocy along with his lying and cheating is more dangerous than Haydn’s unstable grief…for it is all of Elijah’s choices that lead to the tragedies to come…those are the ones that propel Haydn’s own dark choices.

I think my favorite character would have to be Kieran. He’s nineteen years old, Irish, a certified genius, and has created a multibillion dollar empire that largely controls the underground crime scene of the world. However, his personality is his most characteristic feature by far - he’s cold, aloof and highly unemotional, with a caustic tongue that has made him many enemies. It’s so hard to explain. writing about him like this, but he’s a very complex character and one who’s very close to my heart.

However, I also have a (very) soft spot for his identical twin brother, Aidan, who’s about as different from Kieran as can be in a lot of ways. Aidan is a rogue, a shameless flirt, and possesses both a dirty mouth and a dirty mind - neither of which he bothers to hide very often. He’s known for his joking ways, but also for his position as Kieran’s lead agent. However, that’s a position that he may find himself losing soon…

(Side note): Both boys are tall, well over six feet, with black hair and light green eyes. However, Kieran is slim and pale, while Aidan is noticeably more muscular, with a tanner complexion.

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Ashley, Dash, and Reginald.

Reginald is a transgender male a prince who was created by a God (his Uncle) to protect Odrium from Divined, the villain of the series, he is so well mannered and spoken. Despite not coming into the world as a woman, he had been disowned by his people to become a man. Something he has always been. He is unafraid, fearless and utterly badass. He designed as institute to protect and reteach villains how to be whole again.

Dash is loosely based on of the Incredibles. Everyone in his family had died, except him and his sister. In this version, he is the older brother. He suffers from depression, night terrors, ptsd, and frequent purging episodes. All through that, he’s a good man. He is selfless to a fault, caring, and loyal. He takes care of a girl that his sister befriend and he has hope that he will see her one day.

Ashley is the main character. She is a black female, ace, who has dealt with trauma head on. From sending her mother away to an Island. From her father taking away important parts of her memories. She doesn’t hide away from who she is and what she is capable of, regardless of being human.

I really love quite a few of my characters, so here are just a few of my favorites.

Niera is the junior advisor to the queen in a kingdom that values power above all else. She was often overlooked in her family due to having a sickly younger sister. WIth her parents preoccupied with her sister’s health Niera was left to her own devices where her strengths flourished. She was soon taken on as a personal mentee to the queen who serves as a motherly figure to her. Due to her past and to living in a society that shuns weakness, Niera is insecure about her abilities and has a constant fear of failure. Wanting to conceal this weakness from the world she comes across as cynical, cold and calculating.

Enna is a loner and a bit of an eccentric. She wears, many layers of brightly colored clothing along with strange accessories and loves self expression particularly through music. She grew up with a single mom full of fantastical stories and secrets and no other family to speak of. i love Enna’s character in general, but by far my favorite aspect of her is how she evolves throughout the story starting as a highly inconsequential character and becoming a central part of the plot of my WIP.

I have soooo many more characters I love for different reasons, but these two are just the ones on my ming at the moment.

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Both of these guys are from 2 separate stories:

Bloodletter, an elite zombie with the ability to manipulate his own blood into a weapon. He’s badass, powerful, freakin’ scary, and he has a surprisingly sympathetic backstory to prove there is still a little bit of human left inside of him. Plus, his ultimate showdown with his arch enemy Troy Schaefer is one of the best moments in my story.

Carl Maslow, a police officer and psychiatrist diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. He has two other personalities: Vince (a man of few words who will sometimes take control to protect him from harm and show his enemies who’s boss) and Catalina (a Hispanic woman who acts almost as a surrogate grandma to our protagonist Margo Sandoval). While he is understandably eccentric, he is a kind man who only wants to do good for the world and the increasingly corrupting society around him.

I think my favorite character that I am writing of right now would be Durinn, and here’s why:

Durinn is a warlock. He is kind of sarcastic, good looking, and exceptionally gifted, although he wasn’t born normally. Durinn was created to be a weapon from a combination of a very evil man’s power and very ancient magic. However, once created his creator wasn’t able to control him, and he bound Durinn’s hands in chains permanently; a warlock that can’t use his hands can’t perform any powerful magic. Aside from Durinn’s deep backstory, he is actually really sweet, but he is constantly in fear—he is scared that if his hands were ever unbound he would do something terrible, or more terrible, than what he has already been forced to do.

My favourite character would be hands down Katherine. Which is a little cliché considering the book is kinda about her…well mostly.
She is an interesting character to figure out, considering how complex she is. The way her mind works is fueled by pent up anger and hatred, and her determination to get what she wants. One of the most, dare i say, controversial part of her character is how she has no limits. She is willing to do anything and everything, with not a care about anyone around her or even herself. All her moves are so calculated, she always knows what she’s going to say, what she’s going to do. Everything. She likes to know things about the other person before approaching them, so she can be what they want her to be. Which might sound very wrong, but, Katherine has no “crossing lines”. It’s like everything is okay, if it has a good enough reason. Which it does, honestly.
Her back story too is so intense, which is why she is the way she is.
Once I’m actually done writing her story, she either be the most hated or the most loved character, depending on the reader’s perspective.

Writing her character is quite difficult, considering the book isn’t actually written in her point of view. Instead it is written in the point of view of someone who themselves are trying to figure out this complex beautiful woman, named Katherine.


Id have to say my favorite character is Mitsue Irie. He’s one of the main characters in my newest book and I love him because if his kindness. When I right about him even I swoon (lol).

He makes it his mission to befriend everyone because he believes that everyone just needs one friend to make life a little sweeter. He has a soft spot for injured people, only because of his childhood. He wants to help strengthen a person just like a special someone helped strengthen him. He has nothing but love. He’s bold yet considerate. He’s not perfect, he’s selfish and doesn’t consider people’s feeling all the time but that’s what makes me love him. He knows his faults and tries to become a better person.

Noah Gottlieb is my favorite, it’s not how she looks, it’s how she is.
Indestructable plushie Noah has a taste for adventure, excitement, possibly adhd, and tries desperately hard to take things “slow” because after all, “They haven’t died yet.”
Though unsure if she actually is the ghost of Noah, she acts the same, loves her family and ever since she possessed a scarecrow, is seen, heard and felt by everyone. “Yes, I can even feel mom’s hugs now:)”
Oh yeah, there’s problems with her, like she still wants to be an angel, but, I still like her.

The Element of Life

Jasmine is probably my favorite character in this story as she is the main character. Her character is based off of a friend. Jasmine and her face similar struggles and passions. One passion that Jasmine has is that she wants to live in Paris. Jasmine is simply an ordinary seventeen year old girl dealing with an ex-boyfriend, eating struggles, and the idea the her dad left when she was little. In reality she is not ordinary which is why I love her so much. When she touches a light in the park, she develops a power to bring things back to life. How many regular people with hard struggles are ever gifted with something so amazing? Her entire life could change and it does.

Remember Savannah

Avery is my favorite character in this story. The main character Margo meets her and they become friends. I really love how Avery is chill and laid back, but trying to figure her life out as she dropped out of school. She also not that crazy about her boyfriend. I also love how she is basically the voice of reason for Margo as she struggles with the death of her sister Savannah. Honestly, if Avery was real I would date her.

My favourite characters in The Mad Queen (that have already been introduced to the story) are Illyana and Fallon. Illyana is my main character who will always stand up and fight for what she believes in. She will do anything to protect her sisters (she is the eldest of five). Fallon is also my favourite, though I haven’t written a huge amount about her yet. She is the second sister out of the five. No one messes with her as she is a skilled fighter. She has a glare that scares many of the people around her. Fallon is completely loyal to the people she loves. Like Illyana, she will do anything to protect her sisters. The two would often work together to ensure that their sisters stay safe.

I like Lucien the most, probably-- simply because he’s the main character of the story. (Well, he’s really only the main character because he makes himself out to be, but…) Also, I’ve had his character floating around in my head for exactly a year today (jesus!) and I really like how far I’ve come with his design. He’s cool. I like him. He’s a real asshole, and I’d hate to actually meet him, but… still. I like him.

Second place: Rasha, from the same “series”, I guess-- the same universe, just in a different time period. He’s a major extrovert, and befriends almost everyone he meets. He’s a bit of a mary sue in some places, but he’s a nice break from the rest of my characters-- he’s the only one who isn’t having a run of bad luck and isn’t a jerk.

For my book, The Legend of the Moonflower Princess, my main protagonist is my favorite character (even though I love all of them :smile:)

Sahara, my main character, has many deep-seated insecurities; she has been treated like dirt by the rest of the kingdom her entire life and has little confidence in herself. However, this doesn’t stop her from treating every decent person with politeness and respect, and she is very kind to other as well. She also isn’t a pushover; as she begins to grow out of her insecurities, she becomes more confident in herself and start transforming into a warrior in her own right. I like realistic characters you can relate to, and I think Sahara fits that bill.

I’m writing a Marvel fanfiction, but I created several OC’s to work alongside the canon characters. So far, my favorite is Ivy Monroe, a.k.a. Hologram. She’s one of the central antagonists faced by Spider-Man in the story, though she’s not a villain in the classical sense. She’s an assassin, among a few other things, in possession of abilities that rival Dr. Strange, and was hired by a terror organization to take down the Avengers. I like Hologram because she doesn’t take sides at all; everything is just a new experience, a new job to do. She has some odd priorities when it comes to what she wants from life (including the methods of payment she demands). She reminds me of a cat, in some ways; she’s playful with her victims, cutthroat with her clientele. She tends to take life as it comes, adjusting her tactics bit by bit as needed; she doesn’t waste time worrying about the future… and she’s learned enough in what you might call “the magic arts” to have no real need for worry. Or, at least, that’s what she believes. Her biggest weakness is that she can get too comfortable in her own prowess, and when someone does hit on one of her vulnerable points, she can be all too easily derailed.

I have a soft spot for antivillains, and Hologram is basically just me being self-indulgent :laughing:

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