Explicit writing . When is it too much?

Hi all,
I am opening this topic as I am writing currently in a very explicit way.
Is there a limit that should be considered and not crossed?

Is it too much… really too much?
In my opinion the answer is NO, but please feel free to share and debate your opinions.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Well in my experience I have done enough, the readers want more.

So I am trying to finish my current story the way it is and rewriting it third person.

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I think it depends on what you’re writing about. Violence, sexual assault, or just sex? Sex for me can’t get too explicit - but violence certainly can, and especially sexual assault. Most of the time it really isn’t necessary to write an explicit sexual assault scene.

With Erotica, explicit sex scenes are kind of a must.

With Horror and Dark Fantasy, explicit violence in different degrees are more or less always a must. And by describing how a head is cut off, how hard it is to cut through the windpipes and bones and all, that can get too explicit, IMO. But sometimes it’s necessary to go all the way. You just gotta know when.

This was a ramble. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

In my case I am writing extremely explicit about consensual rough sex.
I opened this topic because I received PM from users that I won’t mention telling me not so…cute words let’s say.

Have you made it abundantly clear that the sex is consensual? It doesn’t get rapey at any point?

If yes and then no, then meh. Screw it. Write an intro chapter making it clear that you have explicit sex scenes in the book and if people are uncomfortable with that sort of thing, they can just not read it.

It is very clear all along that everything that is happening is consensual. As rough and extreme as it gets :slight_smile: but consensual !

What was their critique exactly? That it was too rough or that the scene was too explicit?

Yes, I was told that is sick, the description is too much. and what is happening is way too much.
it’s few comments, but it really got my attention

Can I see the chapter? Now I’m super curious if you’ve just managed to actually write something that’s just waaaay too explicit or if the critic is a bit of a prude.

Sure. I will write you PM

Cool :slight_smile:

XoXo :slight_smile:

obviously everyone has their own limits for mature stories. for me i like my stories to have explicit scenes but not be completely about sex because having to many of those scenes can mask the plot and make the reader lose focus of the storys direction