❆ F A R I D A ' S Ⅳ


I feel like I have n o o energy to write my name in calligraphy on 3 copybooks and 12 book


6 done oof this will take all evening


I won’t write on 2 of the books for now

Because I’ll get too tired

Aaand we wom’t be using them now so eh needless

or will we? I’ll worry about that when I have to, plus it will probably be fun to get a chance to practise calligraphy on something at that time wowowo



3 copybooks left


Same with the copybooks

I’ll only write my name in pencil on them for now and presonalize and decorate them later lol


Wasted an hour on this nOW IS TIME TO STUDY


Dude this is brilliant

no im not intentionally procrastinating


I was trying to find a lofi playlist on youtube when did I get here


youtube/google algorithm c:



Wait isn’t that something math related



1 am

D y i n g


Ahhh starting tomorrow I’m going to get my work done and then watch kdrama at night n o t v i c e v e r s a





idk XD


s a m e


bruh progress reports are coming out in two weeks, i can’t be doing this stuff :sob:


Only the first week of school yet I’m already exhausted and aleep deprived

No really

I don’t nap

Nor do I make use of that time to sleep early



I have physics first in the morning

I can already see it’s a bad day


Don’t follow my steps I’m running into walls


Then why did you tell me to google it xDDD