❆ F A R I D A ' S Ⅳ


Note to self

Ask each teacher

Which books

They want

Because my back already hurts

And I’m probably not even taking the right books


i was saying maybe the algorithm of youtube/google led you to the video XD




i feel you, i have chem first thing every other day ;-;

(and then of course, white days have to start with health -_-)


I can’t see straight anymore that’s IT I’LL DIE IF I DON’T SLEEP

I’m going to pray and sleep rn

Gooood night sirennnssss


yes please get some sleep

잘자요 파리다 c:


Like a fairy


College is scary only if you think it’s going to be scary, but for sure it gets complicated depending on which year, which college and what energy these kids are high on :expressionless: Also, beware of the creeps.


Thank you that was some very much needed real life advice woooo


I can’t make my own decisions

And I’m so tired of being put in situations where I have to do so


I don’t know if I want to continue or drop AS Math

I don’t really know but I don’t know if I can handle the subject, this is not the level of math I enjoy

I also don’t know whether to pick mechanics or statistics
I don’t know which is easier or which I can underatand better but I really don’t know

It’s so frustrating that i have to decide everything by tomorrow

I can’t figure my life out omg

I don’t know which colour of socks to pick in the morning how are you expecting me to do t h i s


So by now I’m supposed to know if I really do prefer math over biology


I’m honestly still not 100% sure

On one hand, I do miss biology

But on the other hand, I know that biology AND physics AND accounting in one session would’ve been too frustrating because it’s all memorizing stuff

One one hand, I feel so lost in Maths

On the other hand, I think it’s only because it’s just the first week

But if we’re talking maths and physics vs biology
Then yeah it’s probably biology


I d o n 't k n o w


I’ve been working so hard since I got home to study and do my homework and do everything I want to do then watch some kdrama then sleep early

But it’s already 1 am so I think that’s enough work for today and sincemath class tomorrow got cancelled thank God, I didn’t have time to study or fo that homework I’ll get home a bit earlier and watch all the kdrama I wanttttt


I really hope my “team” in physics lab actually acts like a team this time because if they didn’t let me participate in the practical work for the second time IMMA SUE


This has become the class that ruins my whole day



Time to sleep yassssss :sob::heart:


What the heck

It’s only going to be 6 hours of sleep

I got excited over nothing.




shit, at this point, i take whatever sleep i can get