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Mechanics if you’re doing physics, and intend to do physics, chemistry, medical sciences, geology, etc in university, or if you want to be a teacher in these fields.

Statistics if you’re going in social sciences like political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.

I hope I’m not too late ):

If you don’t know what you wan to do in the future, usually, the stereotype is that statistics is easier, because physical sciences are tough and abstract (thus difficult), but if you think that it’s relatively easy for you to understand the concepts in physics, then go ahead with mechanics. that was a long sentence Personally, I think that since it’s all maths, both ask for the same amount of logic and effort.


Wow. Thank you so much. My teachers didn’t even give me that much information ouo yOU’RE THE BEST MAN ILY

I think I’ll just stick with mechanics


My best friend’s grandma passed away today


Ow. That must be tough for her.
Hope her grandma rests in peace.


Indeed it is
I hope so too♡


Humans literally, whether it be on the internet or in real life or during someone’s conversation or rant or just telling a simple incidence, ALWAYS have to turn it into some sort of competition that they’ve had it worse

Like chill it ain’t that deep and no one asked that’s just unnecessary


One of the things science still can’t explain


It’s ironic that ALL of us humans acknowledge it and complain about how annoying it is when all of us are probably doing it lmao


I looooooove delaying everything till the last minute


Not really


2:06 am :sleeping:


The amount of girls that come up to me at school to ask me about my hair or just generally compliment it is crazy I lOVE IT THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU PEOPLE hard work really does make the dream work- yeah not really it ain’t that deep


2:16 hehe


top 10 human phenomena science can’t explain




It’s only 2:39 pm and the sky looks like it’s 6 pm




Does anyone have advice on what to do with old school books and stuff that are consuming so much space that I need for other things + I don’t use

P.s. I don’t have family friends or relatives who might need them so I can’t give them away

P.s.s. I don’t know any of those recycling people/we-buy-old-paper people so that’s not an option either

So I just think i’ll throw some of them

But yeah just checking if anyone has a better idea




F i n a l l y

I didn’t throw much but at least I f i n a l l y have space to put my current textbooks that have been on a dinning table chair for a while