❆ F A R I D A ' S Ⅳ


I don’t understand this country, its governments or president ministers or anything


Our culture, our manners, our religion(s) are ALL about caring for animals and treating them with tenderness.

They’re all AGAINST abusing, hurting animals or eating ones as cats and dogs specifically.

And now you tell me you’re exporting stray cats and dogs for MEAT?

You decided to do something for the stray animals yay, so you do THIS???

What the H E L L is wrong with the people who make and agree with these decisions? The people who eat such animals are something buT PROVIDING THEM WITH THE ANIMALS TO EAT BY YOUR OWN CHOICE IS SOMETHING ELSE

Literally everyone on social media is trending the arabic and english hashtag about this, sharing awareness and what not. So as far as I can see, the actual people of this country are very much against this. Including me.


Gosh, even foreigners now are shaming our country. Not only is that ruining our reputation, our tourism is going to get a hard hit (which I don’t even care about but for you, that can ruin the whole country) and the ecosystem is going to be lose its balance and become chaotic- this could lead to the eradication of the whole country by some sort of other animal or disease or worse you don’t even understand how huge the consequences could be.

This is so inhumane. So unfair. So cruel. So fucking barbaric and so so disgusting.

God. This is so disgraceful. I’m honestly ashamed.

I hope this stops as soon as possible.


Tourism is a huge oart of this country, but if tourists stop coming because of this, then maybe the Government will listen. So if our tourism really does go downhill, I won’t mind.


This topic has ruined the rest of my 2018 ever since I heard about it. So frustrating.


What’s really frustrating is that I can’t do anything to stop it. Me and the people like me against this can only trend a few hashtags or share some posts, while the people in charge of these decisions are the ones able to control such things. It’s frustrating.


Istg the one thing ruining this country is the people running it.

Not the people in it, the ones running it.


I need to watch my kdrama to brighten up again but even this I have no time for wmsjfsskwlalfjskwl

I’m letting my anger out on my homework. Productivity.


I can’t believe 2010 is almost 9 years ago…

Firework is almost 9 years old…

It feels like I was just jamming to it yesterday with my elementary school friends



And this post is 9 minutes ago



Time passes so quickly wow


Taehyung had blonde hair when I slept then had red hair when I woke up



So many w o w s


Hi stress my old friend long time no see not really jeez


I remember when I had free time where I was so bored and stuff

I need this again


Only the beginning of the second school week and I’m already

  1. Sleep deprived.

  2. Stressed.

  3. Late on assignments

  4. Late on studying


s a m e

  1. My schoop bag is s o h e a v y like wow this hurts my back and my heart I’m going to carry some books in my hands now jeez


bruh i got two test for the two classes i hate the most on the same day

and a math test that is sometime this week, heck, maybe tomorrow idk


Hi sirens my old friend long time no see


oh crap we’re officially friends :")

anyways, hi fairy


Is this karma for one of your actions or something because it’s cRUEL