❆ F A R I D A ' S Ⅳ


You know that time skip in movies where the scene goes from “I mean hey, what could possibly go wrong?” and then the next scene is all thunderstorms and crying and stuff

That’s my day :joy::joy::joy:

I went home, my molar teeth hurts like hell, I have a headache, I take a nap, don’t wake up on time, wake up with DOUBLE the headache and my head is l i t e r a l l y pounding I can see the curls falling on my face vibrating/ I can feel it if I place my hands on my head and wow


Googled the pounding thing

"They can cause a feeling of painful pressure on the head and neck. Tension headaches occur when the muscles in your head and neck tighten, often because of stress or anxiety. Intense work, missed meals, jaw clenching, or too little sleep can bring on tension headaches.


Well that makes sense ^


aw damn D: i hope you feel better soon


Thanks siroon❤




-hugs- :heart:


What the heck do you mean by 2 hours of sleep





Actually an hour and 54 minutes


I hope I don’t collapse before 5 pm


What a day


When you learn that astrology is more than just the astrological sign (called the sun sign) that everyone knows about, yes, that argument gets even more bullshit


And stay strong Faridou





Thank you rinnay :heart::heart::heart::heart:


My earphones

Stopped working



I swear to God it has something to do with that button on the right earphone

I only used it today

And it stopped working today

And it’s the right earphone again


I am going to last without earphones till 5th of January and get myself a pair as a birthday present lmao


The rain and wind these days are c r a z y


I can hear the strong wind outside rn

Literally everything outside is flying and I can hear it