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hi, I thought I had 36 hours to complete the payment. And I didn’t feel comfortable reading “Darkened embodied” because of the mature content. So I was going to wait until my cover was done and give an honest review. And I didn’t get this notification at 2:25 because I was asleep. Also, my sister said that she got a message from you when her cover was completed and I didn’t receive a message. But okay I will remain on cover probation because I will not be requesting another cover from you because this doesn’t make sense.


Hi, yes so, with the form, I would have needed you to put down that you were going to do that payment as I can’t see that one to know that you did it! I am not sure who your sister is, but I am not usually in the habit of PMing people with a complete cover. I PM when you start running down the clock on your time to complete a payment. I tried to find your main account when I gave my first warning, but I couldn’t that is why I didn’t PM you. There is no need to be rude, as I simply followed the rules that you agreed to when you requested a cover. I just wasn’t aware that leaving a review was the payment option you were going for. I can make your cover available to you now, if you are still interested.

Please PM if you want to solve the issue. This forum is now closed and I will not be back on it.




sure i’ll take it if the option is still open.




Thank you so much! I love them :heart_eyes:




How do you do this magic?!


Do you realllllyyyy like it??? It’s okay if you don’t!!




I AM SO RELIEVED!!! I’m glad you like it! Enjoy your coverrrrrr :two_hearts::two_hearts:



Lemme know what you think about these pictures:

Also, I can usually edit hair color to a certain extent


Pst…not gonna interrupt the flow, just tiping in to ask if you started work on my cover or not. Because I saw you in the thread and you disappeared, so I couldn’t say anything


I am looking at some ideas rn! I have two more covers to do first, but I’ll probably start sending you ideas here soonish :smiley:


Cool thanks


Do you have any more that’s not facing the camera like the last picture?


More of hero type mask. Ashley isn’t dressed up, more of like her head then body


Okay, so super hero? Can you actually fill out this form? And be super specific? It would really help me figure this out.



Summary: Here please include important EVENTS, ARTIFICATS, And IMAGERY


Particular actors/description of main characters:

Time period:

Specific requests:

Author’s name:

Short sentence for the cover of book:

What I DO NOT want on my cover:


Title: Timeless&Void.

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Superhero/Drama

Summary: *Ashley is basically taken by the Sect throughout thebook and everyone is trying to pull themselves together. I don’t want to spoil too much. *

Mood:gloomy, haunting, a bit hopeful

Partical actors/description of main characters: V1_SY1000_CR0%2C0%2C666%2C1000_AL-01

That is who I picture as Ashley.

Time Period :2015ish

Specific requests: throughtout the first book Ashley has been battling what makes a Hero and Villain and by the end of the second book, she becomes something worse than that. Someone with a power, so I was thinking that an abandoned facility sits in the backdrop and a mask on her face is slowly coming to part in ash.

Author’s name: S.K.Allen

Short sentence for the cover of the book: Book Two in the Hooded Capes Quartet

What Do I Not want on the cover: Timeless%26Void I requested a while ago and @beforehours has given me that. It’s pretty, but she’s too young.

Ashley is 22.


Okay! That is helpful, I will keep working and see what I can do