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Title: Fated To Your Heart

_Genre: Supernatural, Apocalyptic, Romance _

Simple Cover

Summary: Living in a world where everyone was someone’s meal or someone’s benefit was barely living or breathing, one smell, one taste, one look could send you straight to your grave. Crisantha Eden Nickelson had been born in the what they called what was the La fine dell’umanità meaning Humanity’s End. Crisantha had been forced to adapt to the world around her, forced to grow up, been forced to live in the world that had consumed all life forces. Crisantha wouldn’t have made it even for even a second without the hope, help and, love from her older sister Elizabeth whom has been by her side and had sworn to protect her sister, to their parents that had given up everything for them. Elizabeth had done everything for her sister as she would’ve killed herself awhile ago. With Angels and Demons watching their every move, keeping them from breaking the rules, they were known to execute those who disobeyed the rules and those who dared to defy them. Crisantha had found it hard to survive in this world, killing whatever creature came for her, it was hard enough to find a proper meal that’ll last them a day. However, deep within the bloodthirsty vampires lied Jules Lunaire Roberts who had been born from a human mother and a vampire father, his parents had been living as royalty along with his father’s past wife’s 3 children. Jules was different than his half siblings that enjoyed drinking the blood and eating the bodies of other creatures, he had found himself starving himself in order to stay away from his families ruthless and disgusting ways. Meeting Crisantha had changed him with just a sniff of her sweet blood, her beautiful ocean blue eyes, her fair skin, she was like an angel in his eyes. Jules had made It his personal mission to make her his, it would be nearly impossible considering the way he lived, he was fated to kill her, she was fated to kill him. The journey that fate had brought them on, filled with murder, supernatural creatures that lurked in their midst, the love and hope between them that others tried to break. I’m fated to your heart.

Mood: Supernatural, Apocalyptic, Romance.

Particular actors/description of main characters:
Brooke Williams, Phoebe Tonkin, Alexandra Daddario, Margaret Qualley, India Eisley, Freya Mavor, Courtney Eaton, As Crisantha Eden Nickleson - Crisantha is known to have light brown hair that goes to her shoulders along with dark blue eyes with thick eyebrows along with small plump lips, she is known to look innocent yet she’s like a devil deep down. Crisantha is an emotional girl but tries to keep them all in, she thinks that the world that she lives in causes people to be cold and emotionless. She was taught and forced to be emotionless as she was told that having emotions cause you to be weak and that people will use her emotions against her and for her own benefit. Crisantha told herself that she’ll never be used, she’ll never show her emotions as she believes that showing her emotions make her weak. She can be very caring and over-protective over those who she loves and cares about as it is her way of showing her love, she can also be quite blunt with her words and feelings, it can cause some of her relationships to drift apart. She often questions herself and if she would be different if she was never born and if the world was different.
Chace Crawford As Jules Lunaire Roberts - Jules is known to be a social person and is known for being extremely stubborn and persistent wanting to pursue Crisantha and disobeying his parents from time to time. Jules grew up constantly in the spotlight with everyone expecting him to be what he was not, he was put in the spotlight being a royal family and that the youngest son of his now wife, Nina. This caused Jules to enjoy being alone with everyone around him and finds it hard to tolerate some people besides his family but sometimes he can’t even say that, with arguments between his parents. He can be seen as selfish but others that are close to him know that he is truly selfless and would give up his last to someone else, as he would give Crisantha food and water or maybe jewelry. He is known to want to be the best in everything, cooking, hunting, being the future ruler which causes some arguments and disagreements with his older siblings. Jules is often called passive and weak by those who despise him and sometimes his father as he believes that you shouldn’t be weak and that he was born from a king meaning that he should be a strong prince. He never saw himself as weak and thinks that being strong isn’t that important unless it’s for battle. He often questions how would he keep Crisantha alive, keeping her alive means negotiating, a cost, and maybe even his own life. He is also known to have dark black hair that is long along with dark green eyes


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Title: Addiction
Author: J.J. Pierce
Genre: Werewolf and Teen Fiction
Mood: dark and mysterious
Ideas: Mysterious, not super happy or light, I have some pictures! Here are some potential pictures, its a blonde girl (cailin russo) and brunette guy who is a werewolf
KA6YMFd0yUv7JG51Qxw7_1082120021 large%20(1) large
Summary: Abused teen escapes bad situation and ends up in town where her dead cousin was from. Ends up being mates with future alpha who is hot boy in school. Mysteries surrounding cousin, etc.
Anything else you want to tell me: thank you!!!


Title: Rising Sun
Subtitle: Strength, Endurance, Wisdom
Author: XOXO Queen
Genre: Werewolf/ Romance
Ideas:I was thinking something with a sun rise and two black or transparent wolves. Colors are your choice :smile:
Summary: Rowan grew up watching the people who raised her bow. The hierarchy of the packs put her own nearly at the bottom. But how could the Stars be less than the Sun and Moon. Becoming alpha was her way to strength and power. The battle of the Four Packs was her chance to change everything that was wrong. But would she be able to when a young male of the sun pack had been chosen as her mate?
Anything else you want to tell me: Thank you so much if you are able to do this for me!


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Title: Baine

Subtitle: N/A

Author: Suman S.

Genre: Thriller/Romance

Mood: Dark, strained.

Ideas: I really like your ‘Born From Shadows’ cover and something like that would be great. I’d like images of an empty town and/or bridge above the title. Overall colours should be black or navy, crimson if you feel it will fit (The colours of your Blood King’s Reign cover are a perfect fit minus the title). The title needs to be plain (just a basic bold font like your Lilith cover) in white at the bottom of the cover.

It’s a horror-thriller/slight romance novel following a cynical and hardworking female lead, Zoya, whose closest friend, Baine, goes missing amidst the merciless rampage of a serial killer in their neglected town.

Anything else you want to tell me:
Not really


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photo-1511898290398-cee3038fa7a7 photo-1531439447095-467ba6360738 photo-1535232712117-06a1ca626fb9 I noticed you removed a picture so i found some others!!


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Title: A Grave for Two
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Bluemonroe98
Genre: Vampire, Romance
Mood: Dark/ Mysterious
Ideas: Shadow of a girl in front of a dark forest with graves
Summary: Lourdes is a vampire who hunts her own kind.
After a vampire murders her entire family, and turns her into a vampire in the process, Lourdes Flores vows to avenge her family. While hunting down vampire after vampire for any information on her family’s killer, and her maker, she captures the attention of the Coalition and becomes involved in a secret Vampire Civil War that could wipe out the human race.
Anything else you want to tell me: I really want the title of the story to pop on the cover and be different from the background.
Thank you so much!


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Title: Un-Living
Subtitle: None
Author: EncryptedWriting
Genre: Teen Fiction (about mental illness)
Mood:Very plain and simple, but the entire story has a lot of underlying meaning with eating disorders and mental illness.
Ideas: I’m not creative so deal with me on this. Perhaps a black and light outline of a girl, either crying or on a cliff. The background is white, and the text is simple.

Summary: When you look at me, what would you see? Probably a girl with the black hoodie over her head along with her black skull candy earbuds in. This girl would hardly show her face; she would rather sink into the bottom of the ocean than let anybody into her life.

I am that girl.

Willingly, at most, I would show my hands; however, once you get to the start of my wrists you see nothing. I hide from the world; after everything that has happened, I prefer to stay under the hoodie and rest with the influence of music. It makes me forget the pain I have caused everyone. It makes me forget what happened last summer.

When I caused everyone pain and I felt none. Scars roam over my body, mentally and physically. Day by day I fight an inner battle; I wonder if I did the right thing, pushing myself to my limits. I want to disappear.

This isn’t living. This is unliving. Anything else you want to tell me:

Note: I know this may not be very descriptive, and this might be tough to do. I just can’t find a place to start, and my current (horrid, self-made) cover can be seen for simplicity. I guess you can use that as a small template to follow. I am sorry if this is too complicated, you don’t have to do it.


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