face claims/dream casts?

I wanted to discuss something that I’ve noticed I really utilize a lot when I write and plot and wanted to hear other people’s processes. How do you guys go about finding face claims when you write? Do you find it helpful to have a face in mind from the get go, or do you usually feel like their face becomes clearer and more distinct as you write?

Also any go-to sites you use to find them? Always in the market for some more resources.

Please also feel free to share your faceclaims and tell me a little bit about your characters :slight_smile:

Casual lurker, I want ideas–

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I usually flesh out their faces more and more as I write. Initially, I go with a few basic characteristics like how should I imagine his eyes or hair colour. It becomes more clear as you solidify his character through the story.

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I love using Pinterest for things like this. Sometimes I had an idea in my head of what the characters will look like, and sometimes I find an image that just captures the feelings I’m going to for and I use that to help build the character’s physical description.

I usually write down the characters’ appearance first before diving deep into Pinterest. I go with hair, eyes, skin tone, ethnicity, and then body type.

For my current story, the hardest face claim I recently found was for a support character that will have her own story next. She’s a redhead with green eyes, upturned nose, freckles, and with a noticeable chest. I wanted the person to have all of her qualities and after 3 DAYS on Pinterest I finally found Miss Madeline Ford hehe

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I have some face claims! They were the closest I could find, so hair colour and eye colour is off.

Rubi - Maud Bourek
Maud Bourek as Rubi Hisai.

Helio Tabaillon as Kagemaru

Mimi - Sora Choi!
Sora Choi as Mimi

Take'Ichi - Wang Hao
Wang Hao as Take’Ichi the Sprite

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I personally make face claims for myself, but I know readers don’t like it (at least the majority of readers on the forums I’ve come across don’t) so I don’t include them in my story.

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I usually google up actors that are around the age as my characters. Then, I choose from the actors that pop up (there are A LOT) the one that fits my characters description or if my character doesn’t have one I choose the actor I think will be best fit to be visualized as my character.

Most of the time I have some idea of what I want my characters to look like and that helps a lot when searching for an actor to be them

For me, no, I usually just google something like “cute teen actors” or “hot male actors with beards” or something like that and go from there.

Here are some of mine from my latest book Listen to your Heart:
Nathaniel Dawson, a sixteen year old varsity basketball player with a heart of gold.(my main’s main love interest)

Jordan Pascoe, a sixth grade mean girl who is obsessed with my main’s first love interest Matt. (I know cliche)
Matt Dawson, an eighth grader who plays basketball and is my main’s first love interest. He is also Nathaniel’s younger brother.

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Yeah @MorganaMevil and @MoonlightReira, I tend to use Pinterest a lot. I’m finding though that it can be hard to search and get what you really want. You type in like “blonde male 40s” and get like dudes from the ACTUAL 1940s :joy:

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You mean like you wouldn’t post WITH your story, but keep them for your own reference?

That’s sorta what I do. I made them and posted them for mine, and then immediately took it down. I don’t dislike it I was just like “Ah this doesn’t fit MY story to have it here”.

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Yep! Exactly what I meant:)
I’ve read that it ruins the experience for a lot readers. I personally am not extremely bothered by it, I usually just ignore them

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I have a whole face claims pinterest sub board for mine on my novel. I think since I come from a film background, I tend to exclusively look for actors who fit the description and who I feel like could portray them accurately. For some reason I think sometimes it helps me also get a voice in my head as well.

But boy I’ve had several characters who I just cannot for the life of me hit the nail on the head with.

When I write or describe my characters and their face claim I’ll normally make it up and use my imagination although sometimes I do use google or Pinterest.

I think one character in my story has the same looks as an actor. For the rest, I kind of base them off people I actually know. I just use their appearance and change everything else about them. I ask them permission beforehand

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That’s actually so interesting! It’s lovely you get their permission too. I wonder from a writing standpoint, do you feel it impacts or influences your writing of the characters?

I believe it semi influences my writing. So many writers make an all attractive cast as if everyone is a supermodel and people don’t have acne and other body problems. It humanizes them more, so I won’t have cardboard cutouts. I try to never base my characters based on actor or model looks because I don’t want it all to be about physical attractiveness or making them aesthetically pleasing.

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