Face Journey's Critique [OPEN]



You’re very welcome! Editing will always be my first love which is why my writing is so slow since I am a bit obsessive.

I adore suspense and I like to imagine the readers face as the mystery unravels. The chapters that follow give you the answer that you seek :wink:
I really appreciate the feedback


Again. I am reading it. Not putting out any writing mistakes :yum:


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I have read the first chapter of your book before, but I never completed the payment because I didn’t know you wanted an inline comment.

Losing someone isn’t easy, I know lose better than a few people I can count on head and you showed it beautifully. That time stays with your character, as its apart of her and that makes seeing how she deals with the after math of her grief is going to be astounding to behold


Thank you so much! <3 That means a lot :slight_smile:





It’s true; she really doesn’t!


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