Fake Would Your Character Survive WYCS Beta Test

This is a beta test for WYCS of all things. I want to test to see how we can implement a WYCS thread here on the forums.

Hello, and welcome to a temporary home for Would Your Character Survive

Hosted by @crimson_mystery_cake, @RCFletcher, and @Kimmy_Grace.

This is not a role play game, so your character cannot communicate with others’ characters. However, you can leave comments on another person’s submission.

Please make sure you read all of the rules before you play!

The chatroom for this thread can be found here- Please use this for all non-prompt related conversations

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Woooooohoo! Same old WYCS, fancy new forum :smiley:

Yay it’s here!

Ugh, this forum is ugly.

Lol too bad I can’t think of a pormpt.


Ooh, great.


This thread died instantly lol

Yes it did.

yeetus deletus

I find this forum to be … kind of confusing? XD


So…this is the next generation of WYCS?


@crimson_mystery_cake Hey dude, we should probably make a real one of these since the switch is coming in like a week

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Yus dat is true. Let me just learn how to code on here.

We can just do some simple coding here! I’m personally not a fan of the super elaborate post boxes tbh

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The switch is upon us and it’s time for a new WYCS! Would you guys like me to make one?

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