Family Matters?


Hey guys! Just sitting here thinking about life, and listening to music. (The Cinema-Picasso) if anyone likes music recommendations like I do:joy::joy::joy:

I have a lot going on at home, and with family at the moment. I was wondering if anyone else dealt with family issues like I have. It’s normal yes, but its also nice to hear others stories and know I’m not alone within that area. Like are you close with your family? Mom? Dad? Grandfather?
What were some of the issues you had growing up with your family?
And are they still occurring as of now?

For me, and I don’t mind sharing, my dad is addicted to drugs and alcohol and has been for the past 20+ years (I’m 20 :joy::joy:) My parents are divorced, and my house is like Hell. I’m content, but because of so much going on in my life/family/house I am a mess. But no worries, I have faith in the future:blush:
what about you guys?


all of us have issues, family, friends, etc.
you just have to be strong to survive, that’s life…
hiii @MystGirl20


Very true…
But every now and then you just gotta vent to someone:joy:




Dad left us when I was 3 (I’m 20 now). My brothers dad has no rights to see him since he has a domestic battery charge against my mom. My brother has major behavior issues now and my mom has to get him professional help. My other brother is currently at a hospital 2 hours away because he threatened to kill himself the other night.

Family is seriously tough.


yup :joy::joy: btw…hope you’re okay


It really is! And I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Hopefully he’s safe. Are you okay though?


Yeah, I will be okay. sometimes I just need a friend to vent to then I realize…I ONLY HAVE ONE:joy: AND SHE’S JUST as lazy and sleepy as me haha


Yeah. Im just trying to have hope. He wants to get help so that’s a good start. I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without him… He’s my best friend and I just don’t have the strength to imagine a life where he commits suicide. Im just trying to have hope and distract myself.


Hope is the best thing to have at times. And omg that’s better than most people, he’s doing good so far. Sending the best vibes I have because losing a close person to you in life is probably the worst feeling ever. Just be as supportive as you can, and it should and I HOPE it goes great and everything gets better. Don’t be discouraged. I understand:slightly_smiling_face:


we’re hereeee


Thank you. Im going to get back to writing. Have a nice night.


hey, i know that i’ve never experience that kind of situation, but i hope it will be okay, not on this day, but i hope soon :open_mouth::blush:


HALLELUJAH!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::joy: HOW ARE YOU???!


i’m good, hope you too :grin:


Yes and no.

Somewhat close, yes.

He’s out of the picture. Has been for practically all my life, so.

He died a year after I was born. :confused:

Said issues are too personal to say on a public forum, so…

Again, yes and no.


the topics below can potentially be triggering, mentions of domestic violence and such. if i knew how to do the blurred text thing i would.

my dad has bipolar disorder and whenever he was in a manic phase he would take anything that would chill him tf out. weed, xanax, painkillers, whatever. when he was in a depressive phase he would take drugs that pumped him up, like adderall, meth, heroin, cocaine, whatever. and he was a raging angry drunk. you can probably guess where this is going.

we left him when he hit my mother in front of the neighbors. they called the cops for us.

we’re doing good now. the only active family problem is something kinda weird. my mom was dating this one dude and we lived with him for a month or two because our house was literally flooded an no one else could take us in. in that time he became me new fatherly figure. now my mother is dating someone else and im still attached to the first man as my fatherly figure. i cant make this new guy seem like my father no matter how hard i try, and theyve been dating for 2 years.

and sometime before the house flooding my mother was bring home different guys every night. people being in my space triggers me, and people having sex around me triggers me too. that was the first time i wanted to die, i think.

but dont worry, our family is actually doing very well. im not close with my sister at all, but thats just because we’re so different. my mom and i can talk about literally anything and she never judges. i told her i preferred polyamory and she was totally cool with it. she just wants me and my sister to be happy and healthy. idk what else to say to make my family life seem better, but it really is an improvement.