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Are you ready to binge on magic?

Merlin turns into a child to protect Harry Potter but finds his hands full with mystery and lies.

Could these strange magical twins, Jack and Elsa, be responsible for attacks on students? Who are they and what are they doing at Hogwarts?

Meanwhile, little Ginny has a sketchy diary friend who has a plan for her. If only she told someone…

Open fanfiction: you don’t have to be familiar with the fandoms to enjoy the story.

The New Order of Merlin Book 1: The Gathering - COMPLETE.

The story continues in Book 2.

You get everything you loved in book 1 plus dragons, Quidditch action, new powers, and the unveiling of a mystery.

Have you ever wondered why Hogwarts castle is magical? The Founders left behind a secret which when disturbed, could bring about the end of the school.

The New Order of Merlin Book 2: Cursed - Ongoing.


Leonor Scott is a bright witch with a troubled past. She moved through different countries and jobs to try her luck at Hogwarts. Leonor is curious to meet Albus Dumbledore. She worked for Gringotts and St. Mungo’s Hospital before she comes to Hogwarts and opens eventually an own apothecary in Hogsmeade. Severus Snape saves her soul from the Dementors, is the key to break an emphatic curse at Gringotts and brews the antidote for a poisoning at the Triwizard Tournament. The young woman longs for love, fights against pride and hate and conquers death. She has an interest in potions and the dark arts. Will Leonor be able to get what she wants and save herself? Is Severus going to use Leonor in exchange for Lily Evans or will he be able to start a new life? Will Trelawney’s prophecy finally come true or will both suffer from their past until they die?

Leonor Scott isn’t the hard, private person she appears to be. She has a secret; one that has made toughness necessary for her own survival. Severus Snape isn’t the unfathomable dark clad potions master. He hides a passion even stronger than the eternal love for Lily Evans. Dumbledore isn’t the omniscient professor. He gets fooled into believing that Severus just serves him alone and the Dark Lord to keep Harry Potter safe.

Book One: “A Long Way - Love, Pride, Hate, Death” starts at HP/Book 3 and continues to August 1995.

Leonor starts a job at Hogwarts to stand in for Remus Lupin at the full moon. She meets Severus Snape, and he is willing to help her with teaching. She is loyal to the Slytherins and Severus starts to trust Leonor slowly. They have both a liking for potions and are experts in the dark arts. It does not take long until they share parts of their miserable childhood and expose pieces of a vulnerable self. A year later Leonor returns to Hogwarts to support the Triwizard Tournament. It gives them the opportunity to share more time. Leonor and Severus attract each other when working together to find some remedy for the Crutiatus Curse, but Voldemort’s return brings no happy end to a secret romance. Leonor is hired by the Order of the Phoenix. She gets attacked by a werewolf because Lucius Malfoy betrays her name to the Dark Lord. In the aftermath Severus insults Leonor, and she flees the country with a broken heart.

Book Two: “A Long Way - Hope, Passion, Love, Life” starts in May 1996 and continues to the end of the Second Wizarding War and beyond.

Severus’ words bring Leonor out of balance. She disappoints the Order of the Phoenix, goes to Brazil, and a guilty conscience and grief encouraged her to bury herself in research. In the end, the witch befriends a wizard who never attracted her before. Some sense returns when Leonor meets somebody from her childhood. She meets her past and disposes the remains of her evil family. Soon enough the way forward is clear, and Leonor finds the way back to England and meets her fate. Severus and Leonor fight the Dark Lord together and create the family they both craved.

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“…Clover? Was that to the date or the murder?”
Proud, Ravenclaw Clover Hawking is broken and she knows it.
She’s trying to survive normal fifteen-year-old things, of course, like the upcoming O.W.L.s, enduring first-time friendships and crushes, trying to keep in her hate of the Triwizard Tournament, which is finally taking place under control- basically living in general through her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
But she is broken and her mind won’t move on past that, leading her to a discovery- a deadly secret that could have died with her mother- but is now putting Clover in terrible peril.
A certain Dark Lord is out to get her. He, too killed Clover’s parents- the only difference is Clover’s were on a much different side than James and Lily…and might not be who Clover thought they were at all.
Clover Hawking is broken- but once she knows why will it be worth it?
Life is about healing, after all. And not getting murdered.
Clover Hawkings and the Triwizard Tourament. Thank you!

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Warriors: The Trail of Centuries
Follow Spottedkit as she is born into the Gorge and wades into the star-crossed path her ancestors have lain out for her. As she ages she begins to witness the true nature of her birthclan, and in doing so she is faced with the stark realization of the choices and sacrifices she must make to correct the wrongs of the past.

Inspired by Erin Hunter’s Warriors series.
2013 version being collapsed and rewritten from scratch. Trying to update at least once every two weeks.

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Title: Tricky Potion (Fred Weasley)
Fandom: Harry Potter

Manon Willems is a master in potions. But sometimes, life fails her and she gets expelled. She hopes to get a new start in Hogwarts. Even there, her talents cannot stay unnoticed. But what if the Weasley twins take interest in her? There is something special about her potions… Her talent may seem normal, but there is something much more powerful and dangerous lurking around the corners. And what if a certain part of a twin wants to discover the secret?

Follow Manon through her years at Hogwarts, where each year is more dangerous than the last one. Secrets are going to be revealed, but is the outcome going to be positive or negative?


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Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 10.56.51 PM

Title: Flames
Author: Me (no duh)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Main Pairing: Harry/Daphne (Note: they’re ELEVEN for most of the book, so don’t expect some steamy makeout scenes :tired_face: yes, I know, very sad)


Harry Potter is angry, and his anger wakes something in his mind; a terrible, ravenous creature with blood-red eyes. And from that creature comes flames and from those flames come death.

A story where Harry Potter is raised by the honourable House of Malfoy, groomed to scoff upon blood-traitors and mudbloods, trained to become Lord Black when he comes of age, and sets off to Hogwarts with his brother in-all-but-blood: Draco Malfoy. But there’s a problem.

Hydrus Malfoy is hiding a secret. Those red eyes - they have a will of their own, and they are very much adamant on getting just what they want. They are hungry, forcing Hydrus to dance to the tune of a meddler’s fiddle.

Who are they?

And what, exactly, is so interesting about this ‘stone’ at Hogwarts?

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Dawn to Dusk cover fix

Hermione Granger’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out she is not Richard Granger’s biological daughter. She leaves England, her friends and the magical society and head to Forks where she discovers a coven of vampires, shapeshifters, her biological family and the feud between them.

Read here ^^

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NOW COMPLETE! A Harry Potter universe fanfiction and sequel to my fic Out of the Shadows.
Maya Ladon has returned to England to join the Order of the Phoenix in the fight against the Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort. War has erupted throughout the wizarding world and Maya has found herself in the thick of battle and in of love with the Order’s most secretive spy. Will Maya and Severus find a way to defeat Voldemort and their pasts in order to create a future?

COMPLETE! A Harry Potter universe fanfiction. Maya never intended to return to England but Voldemort’s return makes it impossible to hide from the fight. When her best friend, Tonks convinces her to join the Order of The Phoenix, will Maya be able to keep her secrets? After years of keeping her heart locked away, will she learn to trust again? And when she’s partnered with the one person in the Order that hates her, can they keep from killing each other?

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Lovingly based on a world (and some characters) created by Cassandra Clare.

Now celebrating over 97,000 reads!

Prince of the Courts takes place 25 years after the Cold Peace is signed at the end of City of Heavenly Fire and follows two new main characters through the Faerie Courts, the Mundane world, and the side of Downworld you’ve never seen before… Join Rayce and Sera as they cross paths with some familiar faces and test the limits of what it means to visit the sins of the father upon the son. Start the adventure now!

Don’t miss the thrilling sequel, now completed! (11-28-16)

And the adventure continues…

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Disappointed in the cursed child and looking for an alternative reality?

While his brother inherited mischief and popularity, Albus gets his father’s knack for finding himself in the middle of sticky situations. He’s dreading his first year, especially the sorting, worried that he won’t have the skills to make it through. But he isn’t alone. His friends find themselves by his side as they struggle to survive their first year at Hogwarts.

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Fanfiction of: Life As We Knew It
Genre: Science Fiction + Teen Fiction
Chapters: 4
Book Length: 14k words
Link: click here

No Fandom Knowledge Needed.

Trapped between the stresses of high school life and his fear of upcoming college, high schooler Neal feel smothered by the overwhelming amount of change and responsibility he is going to face in college. However, all of this changes when an asteroid crashes into the moon, pushing it much closer to Earth than anticipated, leading to catastrophic disaster to his large coastal town as the power shuts down and the tidal tsunamis ravage their coastline.

Faithful to Life As We Knew It, the series this fanfiction is based on, it is written in a diary format, chronicling the fears and emotions of Neal as he and his family struggle to survive in this changed world. Each day is a struggle as the world falls farther and farther in decay as volcanic eruptions cloud the skies and the waves eat away at the land. No one’s thinking about the past anymore. The only thought on everyone’s mind is about what comes after.

Una chica de 13 años se entera de su nuevo destino en hogwarts, donde conocera a nuevas amistades, dones, amores y secretos

Yellow Black Building BW Business Book Cover

Not just another story in the Harry Potter Universe!

Follow 13 year old Zoey Moss as she struggle with haunted memories of her slain family while adjusting to a whole new world.

This is the story of Dís, princess in a long royal line and sister of Thorin Oakenshield. A true child of Durin. Proud and strong. Stubborn and hot-tempered.

We return to Middle Earth after the great battle of the five armies and meet all of our favourite dwarves again…

Where she is right

AU: Thorin survived the battle.

The story is completed. Mature content.

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