Fan Fiction Book club?


I’m seeing book clubs for everything, but not one for fan fiction. Or…it’s specific.

So here’s the idea.

Have a book club, people select what they know or open fan fiction if you like that. Then go from there. The only catch I’d love to do is tagging someone who needs some love for their book too to get more people involved.

Anyone else like this idea?


I actually really like this idea. There’s a lot of fanfiction authors out there who try hard and either aren’t appreciated or are outright vilified for association. This is a very good idea you’ve had. Plus the method of getting people’s books around the club works very well too.

(I’m sorry, i don’t know many fanfiction authors myself, and even if i did, i’ll probably forget the username. :joy:


It’s true there is a lot of stigma around us. I had a well meaning friend on here say I was a good writer despite it being a fan fiction. I knew she meant well, it still annoyed me.

I search for those in my fandom that I think are great and try to become friends. It doesn’t always work but it’d be nice to reach out to others.


Certainly would be nice to have a book club just to ourselves, fanfiction authors only. If only that author hadn’t said the final line, damn it, i hate when people mention that, because it shows a shallow predisposed idea that all fanfics are bad. If she had kept her opinion on that to herself, it would’ve been a compliment


Yes, it seems that’s a good way to get your stories out and meet new friends. Hopefully others like the idea and have ideas. I have no idea how a book club works, but it seems like fun!

She meant well and I did ask her mostly to see if my pace was good. Took a day to recover though. XD


I think it’s a really good idea!


Good you took the time and didn’t try to force yourself to work in a state, it never ends well.

Book clubs are a little strange because they can be formal or informal. From what i’ve seen it’s kind of merged IYW and SYS threads since people usually leave comments on other’s works with both praise and critcism. Another detail i’ve seen is that it can be a collective group that gets assigned a story or two, or the unit gets broken down into pairs or trios and each get their own works to read. As for timeframes, it’s up to you. Weekly rotation, fortnightly, your decision


I would very much like to part of this :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! I guess we just organize this now.


Good idea!

I used to join two fanfic-specific BC, but they soon shut down because there aren’t enough members.


That’s why I’d like to tag some people in. Friends or just people that have good stories under the radar.


On a sidenote, you may want to scrap the fandom preference part. One of the book clubs I mentioned above shut down because some people’s fics are from dead unknown fandom (such as me). The owner couldn’t pair up a few members.

Unless you ask the member to not specify the fandom preference. E.g. Anime/Manga fanfics instead of specifically Gungrave.

If you decide to let members pick their own partners, because we all know that fandom is serious business, those from small forgotten fandom will be forgotten as well. While “forced pairing” will result in complaints for not being able to read what people want, it’s the best way to ensure fairness to those from smaller fandoms.


That’s a very good point.

I was just thinking of dividing it by anime/game (example only), movie, television, etc.


I’ve actually considered starting a fanfiction only book club in the past, but I already have a ton of stuff to do and don’t need the extra stress.

But, hey, if you do it, count me in.


I think I’d like to. But with administrators to help


I think a book club is a fantastic idea, but I do worry for the smaller fandom authors. I also worry the distribution will be off as a result of this. Certain fandoms are saturated with writers and readers and others are not. I think the best way for this to work would be categorizing it by genre type like they do in “share your book” thread for fanfiction.

I think that would work best, since I really don’t like reading fanfiction involving celebrities, youtubers, etc. However, there is quite a large crowd that does (the BTS fandom is one that comes to mind immediately). However, branching out and reading more books within the genre of television, anime, etc. I think works a lot better. I think the other filter that may be necessary, is trigger warnings and maturity.


That’s very true. So have mature or not on the list and leave it up for the other person if they want to read it or not.

Would that be agreeable?


A lot of book clubs have a ‘read mature yes or no’ question on the form when you fill it out, so it should be easy to work in.


I think that’s a fairly quick and easy way to organize it and as @LigerCat mentioned it is a common thing seen on book club forms.


I would absolutely be into this! I like the idea of splitting it into genre as well. I love game/anime fanfics. Not really that into real person, etc so I feel like I’d have a hard time reviewing those.

@CiCi-Sama Is this something you might be interested in as well?