Fan Fiction Book club?


This is a good idea. There is one fanfiction that I am working on but I am still debating on wether or not I want to post it on wattpad because I think that it will be pointless if no one reads it.


Would everyone perfect a forum or book form?

I’d also like to know if anyone would like to be administrators since there will be different categories. I know very little about anime and video games (still willing to read) that someone who knows that should manage that.


If someone makes a book club for fanfic, please let me know. I would be very interested in joining. I think it would be a great way to have fandoms communicate with each other and also help authors to improve. So heck yeah, someone should make a fanfic book club! Let me know if one goes live


So here’s the plan.

I’ll write down the people interested on Saturday. I like to finish my serious project on Friday. See what rules people are interested in, officially have the sections, abs and more.

Finally, see if someone is interested in being admins.

If l goes well, this could go live in a week or two.


Count me in! I write more fan fiction than original works these days. I’d like a place for just fanfic writers.


Sounds good!


I think it would work best as a book form, that way it can be organized in one place and be easier to divide categories.

As for management of genres, I know more about video games than anime, but even then I’m somewhat limited depending on the series. I don’t follow much anime these days and know more classics and I know videogames a bit more, minus fighter game genres. I fall most heavily into the realm of comic books (more Marvel than DC).


Book form works best for book clubs.

I am, at least, vaguely familiar with most video games, even if I’ve never played some of them. But I’m not sure how much one would actually have to know of the category to manage it.


Agreed. Book it is.

Maybe, just a general knowledge of what they are. And rankings on the knowledge level required.

Not everyone does open ff. But just enough to read it. That probably doesn’t make sense but I don’t know how else to put it.


Okay. And it makes sense how you put it.


I think a general knowledge of what they are tends to work, unless they’re working off a specific plot point from canon material, since most things can be pieced together even when not open ff.


That’s true. If something doesn’t make sense there’s Google for that.

One concern I have is that people will stick to their comfort zones and after a few rounds, the stories will get bunched.


Yeah. And people can always leave comments and ask. Why are people always afraid to ask questions?

People generally stick to their comfort zones, but I think it’ll do people good to branch out. Sometimes reading unfamiliar work gives you a different perspective and clarity. How often do people just dive into a book without any knowledge of what is to come? Fanfiction can be the same and I find many are, since I know people loves AUs.


Book form works best.

I’m well-versed in anime/manga and video games category, but I’ve also been busy managing my own anime/manga book club (for anime/manga fanfics and anime-inspired/light novel style originals). I don’t know how much workload will be added if I become an admin for that category.


All for a fanfic book club - tried finding one for Potterheads (Dramione ships to be exact) and fell short.


I’m one of those people. It actually was out of necessity in my fandom. It was either alternate universe or giving a canon character a sister.

That’s been a challenge but it luckily has the same feel.


A friend has one. She has them go through rounds each week. So maybe the books and readers could be updated once a week.


Mmm. Hey @Socasm I need to tell you something quick, it relates to your last post and my entry in the book club…

Aside from my complete works… i take a long time to upload new parts, since they’re so long usually and i’m never sure what to make. Is that alright? The works i have now might be able to suffice for long enough for me to get myself together. Is it still possible for me to remain in the club considering this?


Oh, feel free. :slight_smile: Here or anywhere.

This is all ideas.

Requirement of chapters is a good idea to discuss. My side project has two until I update next.


Chapter requirement is certainly an interesting topic to discuss when it comes to a book club, although it does place strain on writers, so that has to be kept in mind. Thanks for letting me stay here, even though i don’t upload frequently. Still, i felt it was prudent to ask, if the idea ever was implemented.