Fan Fiction Book club?


That’s something that should be put to a vote.

I’d say two chapters at least so the partner should have two to read. Others might say different. So a vote.


What about completed works?


Completed works are very acceptable.

There needs to be a minimum of how many chapters a person looks at in a week.

Also need help with the categories.


Video games, anime, books, TV shows/movies, real life people… Are there more?


What about crossovers between two different categories?


Would Comics count?


That’s a good question. We can try and see if it gets people.


I feel like that covers a lot of the interests. An “other” category could be added and comics could fall under that or books


Books might be popular like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. A friend of mine has one about Red Queen.


I’m not quite sure what you mean/why you responded to me specifically. I was simply saying an “other” category could be added. And comics would potentially be something that goes in other or in books. Do you mind clarifying? Not trying to sound rude, it just seemed kinda random


Sorry, that was a lame moment. You’re right. Comic should fit under there unless people don’t like that.

Adding that now.

Other than basic rules, any suggestions?


No suggestions as of right now, I think this is coming together nicely :slight_smile:

What format are you thinking of using for reading assignments? Like, read x number of chapters in x amount of time? Or read this book in exchange for the other author reading your book? Or…? I’ve never been in a book club, but this is what I’ve seen people use. There could be more ways to do it, I’m just curious what you have in mind.


I’m interested in seeing what happens here. :slight_smile:

Would be nice to be in the same group as other FF writers.


I’m glad you’re interested!

I’m working on the rules and opening it up for discussion soon.


If anyone is still interested in this. Does anyone object to a member page?


If it is ok, I would like to join to, I would love to find new books to read and help out other authors by reading their books too.



I’ll be tagging everyone that’s shown interest and have it up this weekend. My toddler got really sick this weekend.


Awesome, I have a friend who is also interested in this, so Ill pass the message on to him (since he isn’t active on this side of the community yet.)


Definitely interested.


hello everyone, i read this thread and i’d like to join. am i allowed?