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Cover 1


Description: A re-imagining of Disney/JJ Abrams first STAR WARS movie in novel form.
Not meant to make money with.
The purpose of this project is to “fix” some of the issues I had with the new Star Wars trilogy as a whole. Many of the problems start with “The Force Awakens”.


A hybrid of the manga “Kingdom” with the game “Legend of Zelda”.

Hyrule has fallen and the land has shattered into a war for 500 years. Now in the death of one king, the Goddesses have chosen three champions to end the war. A champion of Power, of Courage, and of Wisdom.

The idea intrigues me.


Based on the characters created by Thomas Sanders. His Sander sides.
Don’t have to watch to understand the book. It’s just cool if you do!

Roman and Patton moved into a new house because their older brother Thomas could not have them living with him anymore, he was starting a family. Both did not expect that they already had tiny roommates waiting for them.

Virgil and Logan are brother borrowers. They lived in this cheap home for years, just we’re never caught till now because this was a run-down place that no one took care of very well. Virgil is very protective over his smart and most no answers to no end brother.

What will happen when an anxious/cautious and a really smart/curious borrowers encounter a really soft-hearted/ cuddly and self-absorbed/ creative humans. Nothing can be too good.