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Title: It’s Love That Sets You Free
Author: @Iampsv
Fandom: BTS, Jikook
Description: Firebrand dancer Jimin meets a literal fireball Jungkook and sparks fly. Though what relationship has blossomed without it’s share of hardships?
Both of them think of themselves as straight untill they meet each other and embark on a journey of denial, depression, admission and acceptance together. A journey to love. A journey to freedom

Author’s comments: It is not complete yet but I’m 15 chapters in. I’d appreciate some feedback. It is my first story, so go easy on me if you find it too daft or too boring. Hold out and get to the later chapters.

Status: ongoing
Latest chapter: 25 out now


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Fandom: BTS


Intro: “Fuck you, SIR”
“I want to fuck you too Miss.”



AUTHOR: @MochiTaebear




MEMBER: Jeon Jungkook

INTRO: Y/N: “Stop catfishing that ain’t you”



AUTHOR: @MochiTaebear

firstly: i’m willing to read five chapters of someone’s book and offer feedback if they’re willing to do the same :yum:


Description : Han So-won is a genius- especially when it comes to Art History. She’s a living and breathing encyclopedia; Math? A breeze. Literature? Bring it on! Chemistry, Biology and Physics? A piece of cake. What can’t this intellectual enigma do?
Dance. She just can’t.

With Jung Ho-seok it’s the complete opposite. Which is why he is the King of the Seoul Institution of Dance and Expression. He is what every student there lives up to be, the ideal dancer. The role model for everyone else. The God of Dance.

But when Han So-won signs up for the student exchange program in the hopes of getting into the Seoul Institution of Art History, she ends up being tossed into the Seoul Institution of Dance and Expression.

How will she cope? How will Ho-seok react to the new clueless student that, quite frankly, gets on his nerves? After all, you know what they say…

It takes two to tango.

Cover : unnamed

Link :


Title: How we Live
BTS fanfic
Chapters: 11


“Wait, you knew him? Personally?”

“I knew all of them,” she murmured. “At least, I thought I did…”

“What were they like?”

Some crumpled copy of a smile crossed her face. “They were going to change the world.”

And around them, the world burned.

What happens when BTS allow a girl in their life; an exchange student to Seoul? After this small step, they are surely going to experience a huge change in their lives. But how?
How will they achieve success, happiness and love?

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Title: Let me Teach You
BTS Jimin fanfic
Chapters: 5 (bam people! Now will u consider reading it?)

“Teach me,” his husky voice spoke.
“Teach me how to kiss,” it was supposed to be an order, but came out as a whine.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Teach me. Teach me how to live. I can’t- can’t hold on anymore.”

“Sh, babygirl,” he put his finger on her lips and pulled her closer in his embrace. "It’s easy, okay? All you need is happiness.

“And you’ll find happiness, with me.”

Y/N; a mentally deranged girl who aims for the top in class; she’s just a student. And happiness. Her goal. A hopeless goal now, it seems.

Jimin; a cop who has to protect Y/N, save countless lives all by himself. He tries to escape his past, but that’s not possible. How will he do this all by himself?
When Y/N; a high-school student and Jimin; a young Maths teacher meet and know each other, how will they end up saving each other?

Haha, I’ll participate in this this deal. Your story sounds pretty interesting.

thanks :sweat_smile: what’s the link to your story?

It’s the title, click it!

thank you!

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oml. lemme go read

let’s read, Me Vs Anxiety, baru nyoba bikin sih barangkali minat, buat bahan halu member x1

Title: Stigma
Fandom: BTS
Current chapter: 4 chapters

**Description**: The world wide boy group, Bangtan Boys, known as BTS idolized a girl named Baek Rihwa, their so called younger sister. She is a big public figure because of her talent. But behind of all that sparkles and glitters, she hides something dark and hideous, something that she actually cannot handle by herself. Will someone help her?

link :


After the release of my first FF, I went under huge writer block for years. I don’t know how to write and lost the will. But seeing the issues nowadays, like how many public figures (mostly are still young) died because of depression, I felt very bad. Even in my country, death is caused by depression. They were still young, even some were around my age. The depression is eating young people inside out because of the pressure public give. It is making me questioning myself, what is wrong with people nowadays? If you don’t like someone, must you make them feel bad? You don’t know one has gone through something, so rather than making one feeling worse why don’t comfort and encourage that person?

The issue in 2019 became my inspiration of this story. I do hope the following years will be better. Whoever you are, students, workers, public figures, you are still human. We are still human. We have our ups and downs and we have to support each other. :heart:

Title: 𝔸𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝔸𝕝𝕝 | втѕ ღ
Author: @welovesalt
Fandom: BTS
Member: All of them
Status: Still on going

Katherine is a young girl who suffered bullying, but that changed when she met her best friends. Later, appeared a group of boys who joined them and revolutionized their lives. Friendships and relationships are going to be tested, secrets will be revealed. But, after all, what they really want is to live their lives to the fullest.

The adrenaline makes you want to live in the moment…


I am adding this to my writing list! Sounds really funny :slight_smile:

Hope you guys give it a try :slight_smile:


A hate-turns-love relationship between Namjoon, a congressman runner, and his PR advisor.

Can a pretend relationship between people that can’t stand each other turn into something else?

Kim Namjoon is running for a seat in the House of Representatives and has almost everything he needs to win. Except a relationship, which he avoids at all costs.

Amanda, the daughter of an ex governor and a PR expert in Namjoon’s team, has now to pretend to be his fiancée which is the last thing she wanted to do.

Warning There are mature language and scenes in the book


Author: @Day6ismypassion
About: Bangtan Cartel (run by BTS) being in the crime world and their next big hit is Big Bang;)
Characters: A giant mix of K-Pop, C-Pop, and J-Pop artists