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Sired to Two


A Vampire Diaries FanFiction! Emaily Sterns has a birthday date with the mysterious D.S. Causing her to soon find out the truth behind her Professor’s work due to a party at the Mikaelson house.
She falls in love with them both but in the end can only have one

Link: Mystery Inc
Description: Years after the Scooby gang has split and gone their separate ways, Shaggy works as a janitor in coolsville when a series of gruesome murders occur.

Unable to solve them on his own, he calls his old friends for help as people continue to die

Will one of them be next?

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Ooooh! Scooby-Doo for adults!

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BIG HERO 6 Short Story (Tadashi x Honey) ((Tadahoney))


My Love :two_hearts:
“Just a question for the future, but would you say yes? :ring:
. . .

Short story about Honey Lemon’s perspective of Tadashi Hamada’s death and the days leading up to it and after it. Written as if Honey is writing in a journal about her day. Basically Honey Lemon’s perspective of the beginning of the movie.

:warning:Not really a warning but it’s EmOtiOnaL and very cute ​

((This is actually a completed story on my forgotten account @RealAikoMiyazaki called ‘Missed Call’ I made years ago. So this is kinda like a reboot of it))

{please read and I hope you enjoy “Missed Messages” !! If you enjoy it, please vote and comment if you want me to continue it. :grinning:}

Title: Washed by The stars
FanFiction: Stargate (Just shares the universe )
Description: He was young. Basically a child. 15 years old and suddenly thrown in to amazingly impossible situation. Teleportation? Space travel? Aliens? Stargate? What are those things? Where is he? How can he get back home? How can he even get food? He needs water! Protection!
Steve had to survive. It’s a simple instinct but quite powerfull. Will the knowledge he learned from school help him? He couldn’t know. He couldn’t guess what lays behind the gate. New world. Humans? Aliens? Death?
“There is only one way to find out!” he says and pushes the drone towards the gate.
"Better you than me,"

It’s definitely a dark themed Scooby doo story. Not for kids… I’ve been told this story has ruined childhoods! lol

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Don’t worry! There’s a comic book series where they fight zombies!!!

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Think more scream or a slasher movie meets Scooby Doo

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Return to Cornwall…
Aidan Turner fans!!! Need a story to fill the Poldark sized hole? Ross and Demelza must protect an abused girl named Emma.

My story ‘Glass - A Sherlock Fanfiction (BBC Sherlock)’ Is finally complete! Three years and 50 chapters later, I’m sharing the final chapter - can’t quite believe it.

Link to chapter one:
Link to final chapter:

“Do you know what I think?” she said.“Of course, I know what everyone thinks,” Sherlock countered.“I think you’ve gone your entire life feeling nothing. I think feeling nothing has made you the brilliant mind that you are today. I think you felt nothing for so long that you assumed it was because you couldn’t feel. But you can. You just don’t want to. And I think you hate the fact that I make you feel something.”// A mystery brings Sherlock Holmes and Margaux Cave together in a way they never thought possible. When he dies, she is destroyed. But when he returns from the grave, Sherlock is confronted with something he never expected.

Book: The Obscure
Genre: FanFiction
Description: Hawkins, Indiana, The place where nothing happens. At least that’s what Morgan Walker thought, along with the rest of Hawkins. That was until Will Byers mysteriously went missing one night, turned out dead, and somehow came back to life. A little strange for a town where nothing happens.

Book: Dracula: Jonathan’s Story
Description: Jonathan Harker lives on as a vampire after episode 2 the 2020 version. The story goes on from there. I thought they wasted both Mina, and Jonathan as characters.

Feral Citizens



The world is decaying as the last light of humanity struggles to flicker in the darkness. Survivors learn to either band together or risk losing everything they’ve worked for, everything they’ve fought to build, gone in the blink of an eye.
Elizabeth Warren thought everything she loved was almost all gone. Only her sister remains, and she’ll fight till her death to ensure no harms come to either of them. Even if it means lying. Even if it means killing.
Until she meets Rick Grimes. And from then, Liz knows everything will change.

~features s1-2~

Title: When Anna met Loki
When Anna finds an unconscious and wounded man lying in her backyard she instantly knows who he is. Left with no other choice she decides to help him. This decision changes her life; she is not only dragged into the world of super heroes, but also uncovers secrets about her own family that she’s never expected to find.

Anna_Loki cover