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A post-show GOT story featuring (among many other things):

  • A Gendry/Meera romance.
  • Jon Snow getting bit by a crocodile.
  • A very evil Bran.
  • Robin Arryn’s wedding.
  • Devan Seaworth rolling on tables.
  • The comeback of Ser Pounce.
  • Hot Pie and his wife.

So if any of these things appeal to you… you know check it out!


definitely will!!!<3

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The Half Sister of Hayley Marshall fanfiction-01(1) (2)

Title: The half sister of Hayley Marshall

Fandoms: The Originals, Charmed, The Vampire Diaries

Status: On-going

Description: Hayley Marshall goes to New Orleans in search of her family. She ends up getting kidnapped by a coven of desperate witches.

While in captivity Hayley finds what she’s been looking for all of her life.

Her family. Her half sister to be exact.

When the Mikealson brothers (Klaus and Elijah) show up to save the sisters every thing changes.

Hayley’s half sister will start to fall for the 1,000 year old Original hybrid.


Thank you! Honestly I never expect to get reads from here, I just like to come up with new exciting ways to describe my story :slight_smile:


Description: Liz Summers and Sadie Myers were just teenage girls until Liz’s parents died. Liz knew that her parents were hunters and she knew who killed them. Sadie and her parents knew that the Summers family were hunters, so when they died Raina and Jason Myers took her in. They trained both girls to be hunters. So what happens when the same thing that killed Liz’s family kills Sadie’s parents years later. And what will happen when they run into two tall, troublesome Winchesters.

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I don’t expect to get any reads from here, but I’m trying to get my story out there. And if anyone wants to read and critic me I’d be okay with that.


Title: Bittersweet Roses
Status: On-going
Fandoms: Riverdale - Batman
Description: Harlequin Hale is your typical 16 year old, full of angst and uncertainty that comes with adulthood right around the corner, plus bad people skills aren’t helpin’ her any. With a small town full of mysterious murders, drama, gangs and drugs. Her life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.
Welcome to Riverdale.

Title: In my last life
Status: On-going
Fandoms: Stranger Things
Aspen has left Hawkins two years ago head over heels.

Now she is back, but not only has her way of looking changed dramatically… To protect herself from unwanted closeness she decides to push away the People she once loved the most.

But she cannot outrun the pain she has experienced and the feelings she once had. While looking for something she isn’t supposed to find Aspen becomes entangled into a net of lies and family intrigues.

¡Hola, buenas! Recién descubro esta ventana de Wattpad, me parece muy interesante.

Y voy entonces a compartir una historia que está recién surgiendo de mi mente. Se trata de un crossover de la serie Villainous de Cartoon Network con el piloto de Hazbin Hotel, donde los seres más poderosos se enfrentan en una batalla a muerte.

Alastor Vs BlackHat; El verdadero combate entre demonios.

Espero que la disfruten…

Saludos de Ethan Sparks

Fandom: Holby City
Blurb: Kian Madani has left Holby in an attempt to start over after a series of traumatic events and now works at another hospital. He begins a friendship with Hayley, a young woman who works at the hospital gift shop and takes her in when he finds out she’s facing homelessness. When she disappears from Kian’s flat leaving a cryptic note, he fears the worst and heads out to find her. The destination ends up being a place he would never return, and the journy home will heal them of the pain they both carry.

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Link: The Rose & Crown
Status: On-going
Chapters: 22/23
Description: The Doctor and Clara find themselves trapped inside of a bootstrap paradox loop. Will they have what it takes to get out?

In this epic tale of love and revenge, the time-travelling duo’s memories have been erased. They must begin the painful and dangerous journey to find out how and why. Along the way, they will encounter both friend and foe in their search for answers. Mysteries will be revealed, hearts will be shattered, and bonds will be formed in this adventure to the bitter-sweet end.

Title: Welcome to Hell
Status: Completed
Fandoms: IPKKND ADNI Advay Chandni IPKKND3
You are mine Chandni, only mine…
For one night…
Advay pulled Chandni into his arms and hissed “You are mine Chandni… Tum Sirf Meri Ho… And I will make you mine!” But omitted to say aloud…only to destroy you, forever.

Advay wooed and blackmailed and finally married Chandni…to finally fulfill his goal and the sole purpose of his life, destroy the Vashisht family.

As they took their wedding vows together, Chandni looked fearfully into his hate filled eyes.

And vowed silently… “I have seen nothing but hatred towards me in your eyes. I swear that I will find courage within myself to fight that hatred and the reason behind that hatred. I will not let your hatred win.”

Chandni got the shock of her life on their wedding night and Advay had to question his whole motive.

Will love triumph over hatred? What would be the destiny of Advay and Chandni?

This is my take on the Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon TV Show but with a completely different turn of events.

Read on to find out…

The Travelling Strangers (Outlander//Merlin Crossover)

1945: A history student follows Claire to the Standing Stones at Graigh na Dun to stop her from going through. By accident she takes Claire’s place and travels through time to find herself in the year 1743. Here she encounters several threats, but gets unexpected help from the young Scot Jamie Fraser.

Meanwhile, though years and years before, Merlin and Arthur are dealing with difficulties of their own. To help them, future Emrys (Merlin) sends his pupil Annabel through the Stones to Camelot, where she immediately befriends them. Arthur quickly falls for her, and when Merlin gets poisoned, they go on an adventure together to get a cure. There’s only one problem: Annabel carries a secret with her that could change everything.

When things escalate, Manon and Annabel learn that their fates are intertwined, and discover that every choice has a consequence.


Ben10: Remastered

{Ben10 OC fanfic, If the Omnitrix landed in the UK? credit to Mai Keel for the cover image}

Benedict A hardworking kid who is intelligent but can’t seem to express his thoughts well enough on paper. He is from a family that’s not middle class but is way above the poverty line. He could be classed as ‘normal’. His life shifts massively when he gets given a mysterious pendant by a hooded figure… It changes his life, literally. He wishes that he could be in Ben10’s reality or at least… have an Omnitrix.
Come along this journey to see how far he goes defeating Norse Gods orbiting above Europe, Extra-terrestrial vampire families who have embedded themselves into our society and all other manners of alien species!

Its time to go Plus Ultra!

Go check it out if you ever thought about him having other aliens, if him fighting against gods as well as vampires appealed to yo

Alyssa is one of Mycroft’s newest agents.
He assigns her a very important mission.
Will she succeed without getting caught?


“Hey, Shoelaces.”
“Hey, Bellamy.”

Sophia Carter had been locked up since she was 16. Her best friend framed her for a crime she didn’t commit, and now she’s on death row.
But, two months before her 18th birthday, she and every other juvenile delinquent on a future spaceship called the ark, are sent down to earth.
When they land, they all face dangers they could never have imagined.
For Sophia, she might even be facing love.

Title: Washed by the stars
Description: He was young. Basically a child. 15 years old and suddenly thrown into amazingly impossible situation. Teleportation? Space travel? Aliens? Stargate? What are those things? Where is he? How can he get back home? How can he even get food? He needs water! Protection!
Steve had to survive. It’s a simple instinct but quite powerful. Will the knowledge he learned from school help him? He couldn’t know. He couldn’t guess what lays behind the gate. New world. Humans? Aliens? Death?
“There is only one way to find out!” he says and pushes the drone towards the gate.
“Better you than me,”

Title : The Lady Of Swans

Fandom: The Untamed TV Show (AU Timeline)


Summary: “Your eyes are the curse! No one in the last hundred of years has been born with eyes the colour of green jade as you are Yuying. You might be my daughter but this colour only signifies the mark of witchcraft.”


The words hunted her even now after the years had passed marking Yuying the daughter of Yun the clan leader of Swan Sect as the outcast. As the darkness and evil the cause of rejection started to consume her fast Yuying knew there was no turning back. Yet the hope came from unlikely source in the form of complete stranger. The well known and respected the First Master of Lan Sect Lan Xichen saw something different in Yuying when the others had failed to notice the potential and ability to become something much more not just a simple student but perhaps someone to love in a honest way.

As the unexpected war breaks between the both Swan and Dragon Sect the loyalties will be tested and so will the love. But with forge of unusual friendship might be the only chance to keep the balance in already chaotic world.

Title: Together We Stand
Fandom: Arrowverse
Status: On going
Description: After Earth X invaders came to their planet, Oliver and Kara were given 24 hours to return with the “item” that would be able to save Overgirl’s heart. While they are on their journey together, Kara and Oliver explore a side to them, they never knew existed. Something happens along the way, and Oliver questions his motives with Felicity. Kara and Oliver are almost out of time when Kara gets kidnapped and Oliver has to rush to save her, but he has to make the ultimate sacrifice. Will he save Kara or save his friend’s lives?

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