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Oh yes! (Mettaton X Reader)

This is the first fanfic I’ve ever written so plz don’t judge. Reader-Chan is a female BTW but guys can read too. I hope u enjoy it! ^-^

NYEH! HEH! HEH! (Papyrus X Reader)

(Y/N) is a 17 year-old human who fell from the surface. She has been living with the Skelebros, and soon fell in love with a certain tall skeleton, but does he feel the same? This is the 2nd fanfic I’ve ever written, so plz don’t judge. I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: COVER IS NOT MINE

Did I let go of Your Hand?(Foxy x male reader story)

You work at the pizzeria and entertained the older kids during the day. Kids love ya but then at night . . . Beaten, starved,used as slave, and raped you secretly have magical power due to your creator was a powerful person then he gave you his power but then one day you met foxy. . . (this is all in first person so if you have any question about words just ask.

MARDEK: Rise of a grand adventurer

This is basically a fanfic story of my favorite game of all time which happens to be an unfinished flash game called MARDEK (original creator is Tobias Cornwall a.k.a. Pseudolonewolf). This projects aim is to finish and expand the plot. The story is about a boy who becomes known throughout the galaxy of Astrostles as THE Grand Adventurer (he saves the world, pretty mundane i know). Although this is my first work i plan on regularly updating it for a long time, probably years, so hop in with me on our journey :insert more corny comments: