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Hey ya’ll! i am thinking of possibly writing a second story, but a fan fic. Any suggestions on celebs to use? I need two very attractive men one attractive woman. Younger, like in their early 20’s!

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As you’re asking for fan fiction related help it seems like your thread is better suited to the #genre-clubs:fan-fiction category. I’ve moved it there for you :blush:

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Normally, fanfic writers write it because they like/love the actor/show/book/movie/game/etc. they’re writing about. If you’re not picking actors you like for this, do you mind me asking why you want to write a fanfiction in the first place?


That’s true :thinking: a fanfiction is a story that is centered around a living person or an already existing world that has been created.

If this is a story with a plotline in its own worldz then it sounds like she’s just looking for faceclaims


Hey there! Yeah its more just for face claims. Some inspiration of a person I can use for my character in a new story. I have a few I love but not sure if I want to use those specific people.