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Title: Blazing Empress

Summary: After the Third Shinobi World War, hidden villages made the decision to put their differences aside and reconcile with one another.

Finally, an era of peace.

Young genin no longer needed to go on the battlefield early on and die senselessly. Each of them can reach for their goals, making their dreams a reality.

However, that wasn’t the case for 3 particular genins and their mischievous sensei.

Akane wanted the title of the strongest to avenge her dear mother.

Kazuma wanted to solve his father's murder case.

Keito had to protect his sister.

Yuya wanted some entertainment; she's found it in 3 little brats.

Awesome cover created by @annie1loves1you

Fandom: Naruto

Story cover


Hi anime lovers

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Writing haha! Which animes do you like to watch?

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My hero academia

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Oh, I like that one too! Its been a while that I haven’t watched it!

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Story Title: Finding Paradise (Pokemon Anime; A GladionxOC Story)

Author: Me (LadyCrimson90)

Fandom: Pokemon (Sun&Moon Anime Series)

Summary: Summary: Jade, a reckless, head-strong, passionate Pokemon Trainer has finally left Castelia City for her journey throughout the Alola Region. At the same time, an experienced, calm and loner-like boy, Gladion is out on his own, away from his mother’s, Lusamine, wits and whims. Neither of these Trainers know where their adventures will lead both of them, especially when their paths cross.

Yet, what will become of the two Trainers? What dreams and/or disasters will become reality as their paths become more and more intertwined within the region of Alola?

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Buenas tardes vengo a promocionar un pequeño fic que comence quisiera que le dieran una oportunidad y escuchar sus sugerencias para ir mejorando sin mas preambulos este es el fic para el Fandom de los Creepypastas

Creepypasta:La extincion
Despues de la ultima batalla en la que se perdieron vidas muy importantes nuestros protagonistas tendras que volver a enfrentar a esta amenaza que creian eliminada reviviendo viejos recuerdos los cuales afectaran sus vidas de una manera drastica

Bien ese es un pequeño texto que resume toda la primera parte de mi Fic asi que espero puedan prestar un poco de su tiempo y darme su opinion

Autor: @Darksith4114

Por alguna razon no puedo subir la imagen pero sera para la proxima

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Description: As a young child, you grew up with Free, battling him day by day. Not knowing he’s not your blood brother, you find your love for him overwhelming your soul. One day you confess, and things will never be the same again.
Fandom: Beyblade Burst

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What series is it from? I’d like to watch/read it so I kinda have an idea of what’s going on.

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Is this book written in third person form (OC), as in ‘He did this to her’, in second person form (xreader), as in ‘You slapped him’ or in first person from (xauthor and/or OC), as in ‘I did this’?

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I wonder if CountryHumans is considered anime… I wonder if people would actually believe that as a truth.


Decay (Todoroki x Fem!Reader)

Y/N is the little sister of notorious villain known as, Tomura Shigaraki, who she hasn’t spoken to for years. Despite her family connections, she applies to UA to become a hero and gets accepted. No one except the teachers know about her brother. But it seems that All Might knows more about her than he is letting on…

What happens when the secret gets out?

I know that I posted here recently, but I deleted it as I decided to change the storyline. Cover was made by me, but I used a base, so credit to the original poster.


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Title: The Black Canary in Orario

Author: Me (KnightWriterRLK)

Synopsis/Summary: When Dinah Laurel Lance; a.k.a. the Black Canary, thought she was about to succumb to her injuries; after she and her allies fought the rising regime of Superman, Dr. Fate stepped in and took her away.

Dr. Fate dropped her off in an unknown world with the words, “Live a better and happier life. You’re only 24 and you’ve already got a precious son to take care of. You’ve helped save our world countless times from threats too great and terrible as the Black Canary. I think it’s time for you to be Dinah Laurel Lance and raise your son right.”

Dinah; with her adorable son in her arms, finds herself in the continent of Eden and she travels north to reach the City of Orario. What Familia will she join? Will she survive the perils of the dungeon? Will she attain her happiness? How will the Gods and Goddesses of the land react to her changing presence in this world? You’ll have to read to find out.

Fandom: DanMachi (Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?)

Status: In Progress


Just Wondering ;]

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It’s mostly written in 3rd person.

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