Fanfiction beta-reader needed

I’m in a serious need of a proof-reader for one of my stories. Its a fairly short one. Takes like… 2 minutes to read-to-enjoy-read it. It’s a story where rape is involved and even if it’s not that graphic, it can be triggering for some. So please don’t offer if it can trigger you. Be safe! :heart:

  • Title: 'Till it happens to you
  • Genre and sub-genres: Romance/friendship/or more
  • Description: Regina has had these nightmares for many years, about her time with King Leopold. In a long time she had tried to push away the memories, repress them, but they only get worse.
  • Length of the story: 1189 words

Hi! I’m an amateur when it comes to writing, editing and proofreading but if you’re willing, I could read your story and give you my suggestions or even help you with some editing/plotholes/improvements depending on what you need assistance with.

If you think that I can help you in some way, just directly message me on Wattpad. :slight_smile:

Hello! I am Ashley. I would love to proof-read over your story :slight_smile:

I would LOVE that! :smiley:

Where would you like for me to give you feedback on it? On the story? Through Private Message? In a different way? Google? Email?

I am willing to do it in any way that makes you comfortable :slight_smile:

Uhm, I guess I would like you to comment on the story, if you can fit that into your “proofreader” style :slight_smile: Or private message. Both is fine really :slight_smile:

Alright :slight_smile: I’ll comment on the story

Thank you :smiley: Please feel free to comment on grammar, as I’m from Denmark and my English isn’t perfect :slight_smile:

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