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Leonor Scott is a bright witch with a troubled past. She moved through different countries and jobs to try her luck at Hogwarts. Leonor is curious to meet Albus Dumbledore. She worked for Gringotts and St. Mungo’s Hospital before she comes to Hogwarts and opens eventually an own apothecary in Hogsmeade. Severus Snape saves her soul from the Dementors, is the key to break an emphatic curse at Gringotts and brews the antidote for a poisoning at the Triwizard Tournament. The young woman longs for love, fights against pride and hate and conquers death. She has an interest in potions and the dark arts. Will Leonor be able to get what she wants and save herself? Is Severus going to use Leonor in exchange for Lily Evans or will he be able to start a new life? Will Trelawney’s prophecy finally come true or will both suffer from their past until they die?

Leonor Scott isn’t the hard, private person she appears to be. She has a secret; one that has made toughness necessary for her own survival. Severus Snape isn’t the unfathomable dark clad potions master. He hides a passion even stronger than the eternal love for Lily Evans. Dumbledore isn’t the omniscient professor. He gets fooled into believing that Severus just serves him alone and the Dark Lord to keep Harry Potter safe.

Book One: “A Long Way - Love, Pride, Hate, Death” starts at HP/Book 3 and continues to August 1995.

Leonor starts a job at Hogwarts to stand in for Remus Lupin at the full moon. She meets Severus Snape, and he is willing to help her with teaching. She is loyal to the Slytherins and Severus starts to trust Leonor slowly. They have both a liking for potions and are experts in the dark arts. It does not take long until they share parts of their miserable childhood and expose pieces of a vulnerable self. A year later Leonor returns to Hogwarts to support the Triwizard Tournament. It gives them the opportunity to share more time. Leonor and Severus attract each other when working together to find some remedy for the Crutiatus Curse, but Voldemort’s return brings no happy end to a secret romance. Leonor is hired by the Order of the Phoenix. She gets attacked by a werewolf because Lucius Malfoy betrays her name to the Dark Lord. In the aftermath Severus insults Leonor, and she flees the country with a broken heart.

Book Two: “A Long Way - Hope, Passion, Love, Life” starts in May 1996 and continues to the end of the Second Wizarding War and beyond.

Severus’ words bring Leonor out of balance. She disappoints the Order of the Phoenix, goes to Brazil, and a guilty conscience and grief encouraged her to bury herself in research. In the end, the witch befriends a wizard who never attracted her before. Some sense returns when Leonor meets somebody from her childhood. She meets her past and disposes the remains of her evil family. Soon enough the way forward is clear, and Leonor finds the way back to England and meets her fate. Severus and Leonor fight the Dark Lord together and create the family they both craved.


Hello! I hop this still fits within the guidelines of whats allowed to be posted here!
Harry Potter FanFiction Spotlight!
A collection of interviews with some of my favorite HP fanfiction writers on Wattpad! Get to know the people who created the stories you love! Or if you’re looking for a new fanfiction based in the Harry Potter universe to fall in love with start here for the perfect story!

My book is a great resource to find fantastic Harry Potter fanfictions, and if you would like to be a featured author feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to read your story and discus featuring your Harry Potter fanfiction!


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.51.54 PM

Fanfiction of: Life As We Knew It
Genre: Science Fiction + Teen Fiction
Chapters: 7
Book Length: 35k words
Link: click here

No Fandom Knowledge Needed.

Trapped between the stresses of high school life and his fear of upcoming college, Neal feel smothered by the overwhelming amount of change and responsibility he is going to face in the future. However, all of this changes when an asteroid crashes into the moon, pushing it much closer to Earth than anticipated, leading to catastrophic disaster to his large coastal town as the power shuts down and the tidal tsunamis ravage their coastline.

Faithful to Life As We Knew It, the series this fanfiction is based on, it is written in a diary format, chronicling the fears and emotions of Neal as he and his family struggle to survive in this changed world. Each day is a struggle as the world falls further and further in decay as volcanic eruptions cloud the skies and the waves eat away at the land. No one’s thinking about the past anymore. The only thought on everyone’s mind is about what comes after.



Based on: Ninjago
Type: Alternate Universe
Status: Ongoing
Title: Lloyd Garmadon - AU - Book 1
This is an entirely different story line from the series and movie-verse. Lloyd lived a normal life in Ninjago city. That is, before he found out he was the green ninja and was to be among the awesome ninja team. He would join but there needs to be a lot of convincing before one can get Lloyd to willingly fight his father.
Read as the ninja try to find a way to break through Lloyd’s defense or will they need the help of a regular teenage girl.

Please check out my story and when you do I hope you enjoy. Please comment if you feel you should. Thanks for reading.

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Free to Fly (1)

Free to Fly
Releases Fridays
Never in the history of Pern has a disabled person been Searched, yet that is exactly what happens to Missa. Legs useless since she was small, her fate as a dragonrider and as a capable young woman hang in the balance at this unprecedented Hatching.
The events of this story take place around the time of The White Dragon. I stay true to Anne’s canon with one exception - the exploration of what would happen if a disabled person Impressed a dragon.

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“No one calls you honey, when you’re sitting on a throne”

In which Lysandra Lestrange struggles with the fact that three quarters of the school despises her while the rest practically kisses the ground she walks on and Fred Weasley isn’t entirely sure in which category he belongs.


Black Bird

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Petite Venin

‘ɪ ᴍᴀʏ ʙᴇ ᴀ ᴠɪᴘᴇʀ, ʙᴜᴛ ꜱᴀᴍꜱᴏɴ ɪꜱ ᴀ ꜱɴᴀᴋᴇ.’

Many eyed, venomous- House Viper are animosi, silver animal scryers, and controllers. They have their sigil and names for a reason. When Daliah Viper returns to her family after an unfortunate series of bad luck, she doesn’t know yet things have significantly changed in her absence.

Recovering from blows and trying to reconnect and find her footing again, she’ll have to make peace with another kind of association all together in the form of her fiance, all while learning the footing and set of rules on court again. In a political climate as hot and a court full of liars though, both of them have to make due with what they were given. Sometimes you have to pick your poison.

ᴿᵉᵈ Qᵘᵉᵉⁿ ᶠᵃⁿᶠⁱᶜᵗⁱᵒⁿ// ᶜᵃⁿᵒⁿ ᶜᵒᵐᵖˡⁱᵃⁿᵗ //ᴾᵃʳᵗ ᴵ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ’ ᴴᵃˡᶠʷᵃʸ ᴸⁱᵉ, ᴴᵃˡᶠʷᵃʸ ᵀʳᵘⁱᵉˢ

Some of us die young

Some of us die young // RED QUEEN FANFICTION

Thomas doesn’t really expect much from counseling. After all, he is nothing but a street rat–estranged from home and ignored by the rest of the world. But, amongst the ruins of his life, he finds the treasure lurking beneath, meeting someone he doesn’t want to, but easily falls for. And just like that, he finds himself wanting to try to turn his life around somehow. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done.

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Title: Every Rose Has Its Thorns
Fanfiction of: Harry Potter
Chapters: 7 "(In Progress)

Rosalie Dursley has always felt like the outsider in her family. Whereas they can be judgemental and cruel, she shows compassion and kindness. When long buried secrets are revealed, she finds herself joining Harry at Hogwarts, against their wishes, and is thrust into a dangerous game that could decide the fate of the wizarding world, torn between the light and the dark.



The Revamped Nancy Drew Mystery Series is meant to act as an addition to the original series much of us grew up with a still adore today. Additionally, the books all have haunting and mythical undertones in them that add some extra excitement and wonder to the stories. Prepare yourself readers for a Nancy Drew Series unlike any ever seen before.

Revamped Nancy Drew Mystery Series in order

1.The Mystery Of The Ghost Maiden


Strange noises in the night and disappearing objects was not what Nancy Drew expected on her trip to see her great Aunt. After asking for details she learns of an old legend that states the house is haunted by a beautiful young ghost that looks like Nancy. Can Nancy, Bess, and George unravel this one-hundred-year-old mystery?

Click the link below to read.



Nancy Drew takes off on a trip for a much-needed relaxing vacation. Instead, she’s greeted by a strange gift shop, filled with hundreds of strange antiquities. Among them is a hidden mermaid figurine in a bottle, and quickly learns of its ancient legend, tinted with long-lost treasure. With her curiosity sparked Nancy goes out investigating but soon gets finds out there is more to this old legend than meets the eye. She must work quickly to unravel the age-old clues and outsmart some modern-day pirates.

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Nancy Drew has grown accustomed to the supernatural, but months of passive paranormal activity have left her believing her needs some excitement. She could be like any other 17-year-old attending parties and check out cute guys-except she discovers yet another mystery while staying at a haunted inn, a ghost named Emma shows up in the darkness of night dripping wet. Other strange things keep happening while the staff denies all. Yet another dream trip turns into a nightmare. Nancy enlists the help of a local spunky redhead, a detective much like herself. Can the girls figure out the secret of her death and why she can not pass on, or will the ocean wash them away?

Click here to read

  1. The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Nancy sets out to unveil a Ghostly Legend and to find a Vanished Groom! Touted as the most romantic event to grace the ruined halls of Ireland’s Castle Malloy, the Simmons-Mallory wedding was supposed to be a fairytale beginning, but now the groom is missing! Did a banshee crash the wedding or is this a case of cold feet? Nancy Drew, has to unravel the knot of scattered clues and scary superstitions? She will need to catch more than a bridal bouquet to make this a happily ever after!
Click here to read

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A fanfiction based of the Stephen King novel IT

It and Stranger Things fans will love

Dealing mainly with the ship of Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak

Cabin in the woods full of unsupervised teenagers… what could go wrong?
The LosersClub spend the lasts of Summer Vacation in a cabin in the woods along with Richies cousin Mike and his friends

Where coming of age meets the Supernatural
A story of best friends inlove with a ‘Strange’ twist
A crossover between IT and Stranger Things

click here to read (pls check it out)❤❤❤

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Author: Azukiel
Title: A liaison in the Great Greenwood
Genre: Fanfiction - Book Based (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion) / Erotica
Status: 72 chapters (on slight hiatus)
Description: Legolas and Adlanniel have loved each other for what seems an age. Over the years their hearts have entwined, growing higher and stronger with each passing year till the pinnacle of the relationship is reached and they finally become engaged.

Adlanniel moves to the Great Greenwood to live with her future husband, and to be accepted by his people with the blessing of their king, Thranduil.
Alas, on one warm mid-Summer day, when they are entwined in each other’s embrace at the top of the Greenwood’s Ancient Oak, they see bellowing smoke on the horizon. The stench of death and burning flesh chokes the air. The Shadow, an ancient evil thought once extinguished, is upon them.

Legolas, still naive in his youth, volunteers to aid the men of Rhovanion from an insurgent of Easterlings and other minions of the flooding Shadow.
In his absence Adlanniel and Thranduil strike up a lascivious relationship. But why? What is it about each other they cannot resist? Why do they go so far despite their better judgments and love for Legolas? Is it truly lust and desire that drives them? How entwined will their relationship become and what are the consequences that will ultimately await them? Will the prince of the Woodland Realm find out? Will Adlanniel and Thranduil be able to keep their forbidden secret hidden from him, let alone others?

A story of conflict, treacherous love, betrayal, hope, and tragedy set within the beautiful world of Arda (Middle-Earth). A Thranduil & Legolas X OC fanfiction.

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Title and Link: Shadow Preachers

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Blurb: Foster Channing isn’t too shocked to find himself lacking a volunteer for the 23rd annual Hunger Games, having never had the best luck. To the majority of people in his District he was a disgrace, the first failed Career of District 4.

Thrown into a world that is equal parts beautiful as it is filled with brutality, Foster struggles to keep his head above water when the other tributes make it clear that this year death won’t just begin in the Games themselves.

When he crosses paths with another tribute he never thought he’d see again, much less alive, Foster finds himself with an unlucky ally – one who seems fine with threatening to kill him one moment and saving his life the next. And even though he knows the best thing to do would be to kill Alecaster before he can kill him, Foster can’t seem to stop himself from trusting the other teen, accepting that in doing so he may be sealing his own doom before the Games even begin.

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Title: Sir, Yes Sir!

Fandom: Harry Potter.

Blurb: Friends. If they were asked to describe their relationship in one word, they would pick friends. Lovers. Soulmates. Deeply damaged people who had somehow found redemption in each other. They were all of that, and much more. But they had always been, and always would be Friends.

Post-War. No bashing. Harmony.
BDSM AU. Dom! Harry Sub! Hermione.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, nor am I aiming to profit off of this story. This is simply a tribute to one of my favourite ships in one of my favourite fandoms!
Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash.

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First Impressions ~ The Marauders

First-year//Fanfiction// Marauder Era// First in a series//

In their first year at Hogwarts, the Marauders not only make friends but create enemies too. Amid pranks and laughter, a tension forms between James Potter and Severus Snape, loyalties are established and teachers are outwitted.

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Blurb: The night before the revolution, a young student revolutionary proposes to his sweetheart. Little did they know that it would be their first and last night together. His name was Enolras, and her name was Marie. This is the story of what happened after.

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Medieval Fantasy Wattpad Book Cover


Fandoms: Percy Jackson and The Inheritance Cycle

Blurb: When a war breaks out in the world of Dragon Riders, The Fates are forced to bring back a legendary hero quell a war and bring peace to the World of Algaesia.

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A Hufflepuff’s Loyalty

a hufflepuff's loyalty1

Street urchin Jena finds her life turned upside down when a man tells her she’s got magic. He takes her away and gives her a home, on the condition that she serves his Lord. But when the Dark Lord is defeated by a boy named Harry Potter, Jena loses everything. She has never been more mortified than when the Ministry of Magic sends her off to Hogwarts, where she’ll have to face everyone she always learned to hate.