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BTS Fanfiction // Taekook
Title: Get back with him
Completed story
By Laiskiainen23

A reasonably realistic story about gay love. No vampires, no werewolves, no male pregnancies, no smut. Some violence.

“Take him back, Tae, take him back. The two of you should be together, you know. You were always together, I want you to be with Jimin.”

JK is not very good with feelings. He definitely does not want Jimin and Tae to break up.

He has feelings for Tae and the only way to save JK from his own emotions is for Tae to be safely in a relationship with someone else.

Tae broke up with Jimin. He never felt this way before. He wants JK more than he has ever wanted anyone in his life. He wants to touch him, kiss him, hold him.

But JK tells him to get back with Jimin.

Also, he doesn’t even know if JK is gay or straight, so he decides not to say anything.

There is a sequel also. And a side story about Yoonmin. Both those are completed as well. Have fun reading! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Title: Encoded in Our DNA (A BTS Reverse Harem x OC story)
Rated: Mature
Link: The image above is the link. Just click that to gain access to the story.

Updates: As of right now traditional updates happen Tuesdays and Fridays. Sometimes I like to throw in an extra one for some special reason or another. However, if for some reason my muse bug isn’t biting I may change this up. I like to have at least 10 chapters written ahead of where I currently am at in the story when posting.

Progress: Currently 30 Chapters posted. Working on writing Chapter 45 as we speak. Each chapter is about 2,000 words long.

The year someone turns 18 they have the opportunity to be injected with a serum that will produce a soulmate mark somewhere on their body. This serum is costly and the procedure to get the injection is not covered by insurance.

A rare illness cropped up about a decade ago that solely targeted females. Because of this there is a rare occurrence where a female that gets the injection might actually end up with more than one, soulmate therefore more than one mark would appear.

The mark is only activated by a stimulus released from the brain and pulse of the heart when they think about their soulmate. This action is referred to as somnium venereum.


This is the story about Daisy. Who goes in to get her serum injection at the age of 23 and unexpectedly gets seven marks instead of one. If that weren’t shocking enough add to the fact that those seven soulmates are none other then the members of the Kpop band BTS.


Updates Tuesdays/Thursdays

Before he became Choi San of ATEEZ, he was Hu Yoo-Ri’s best friend. They grew up together in the same taekwondo dojo, and always tried to outdo one another at competitions.

However, everything changed when he was approached to join a new eight member band. Knowing that San always wanted the world to hear him sing, he accepts the offer. But, he promises Yoo-Ri that nothing, not even fame, will ever come between them.

With full day trainings, concerts, and fan meets, San stops attending the classes at their dojo. They move on and forget about their childhood only to meet each other six years later in a police department.



Rated M for Mature.

“Already becoming needy for your teacher, hm? You’re turning into quite the naughty student.”

An Erotic Thriller.

Ahn Min-Jee is a new student in the prestigious Seoul School for Arts (a.k.a. Seoul Arts), where she finds a bright life of photography and painting.

Coming late to her first day of class, she meets a handsome teacher, Mr. Kim Taehyung. After spending time together with tutoring and studying, certain tensions start to rise between the two.

However, it isn’t long enough for Min Jee to realize there’s darkness hiding behind her teacher’s eyes; one she best not fall victim to as he is the one who finally found… her.🔞-prologue


Rated M for Mature.

“You and me alone, that’s been proven quite dangerous.”

Moon-sun is the newest addition to the BTS group, namely being Min Yoongi’s girlfriend. As Yoongi becomes busier with making music in his studio, the relationship becomes strained and Moon-sun blossoms a close friendship with Jimin.

However, they never expected their close friendship to become too close.🔞-f-a-l-l-e-n-f-r-i-e-n-d-s


Rated M for Mature.

“I scratch and bite,” she warned.

“You’ll crawl and beg too,” he promised.

Scarlet Ashdown wakes up in a stranger’s cabin with no memory as to what had happened and how she got there. The only clues she has are an odd marking on her neck and vivid nightmares that constantly warn her about the Blood Moon and a mysterious, alluring man.

With the help of the handsome stranger, Jeon Jungkook, she must put the pieces of her past back together before her present falls to shambles and turns her victim to a bloody curse.

However, Scarlet must be careful as to who she trusts as they just might have some deadly secrets of their own.

This is not a VKOOK ship fiction.


Book Cover

“What you call the future is just meaningless optimism. You should just enjoy the moment instead of worrying about everything…”

‪Before BTS, Jin was just another college student. Life was sort of thrown at him when he suddenly became an idol trainee. His life quickly turned into a struggle, juggling his hopes & dreams along with his fears and worries. Through the thick of it, things turn for a change when he meets this peculiar American girl in his class. Suddenly he’s caught in this web of affection, laying him out in this playful introspection. What follows is a cute budding relationship, growing itself to be something so much more.‬

Next part: 2020/04/02



Updates two or three times a week
ATEEZ Woosan Fanfiction (Omegaverse AU)
By AynnieBunnie

After getting drunk at a party, San finds himself in a stranger’s bed. Even worse, that stranger is an alpha and has marked him, using that mark to control and hurt him. Caught between his alpha boyfriend, Yeosang, and this stranger, Wooyoung, San is forced to lie and cover up what happened. However, San soon becomes caught up in his own lies, losing the trust of the people he loves. When San’s next heat comes, he tries to hide, but, part of him - or is it all of him - craves Wooyoung’s simple touch.

Some swearing and mature content (chapters marked with an M)


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BTS Fanfiction: Park Jimin
Title: Disrupting the Flow
By: ILoveYou323


A story about BTS as BTS

"Tina always grew up with everything at hand. Coming from a wealthy family and being aware of people’s jealousy of her life, she let other people’s opinions and comments of her slide. She was never afraid of anyone. So when she befriended the one boy in her high school who had no one else, Tina finally got to experience some thing she never had before, insecurity.

Insecurity about herself, and the fear of losing him. But when things take a turn for the worse, she did the only she figured she could: run.

She let it all go. She let him go.

Five years later, she’s been going with her own flow and living her life back in the States. But what’s to come when she’s offered a job back in South Korea for BigHit Entertainment?

The company they’re signed with.

The company he is signed with.

Would Park Jimin even remember her?"

If you check it out, please leave me some feedback; I’d love to hear it! :blush:

Click the image or find it here:•-p-jm


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NCT Dream
Description:❝ When 21 boys and 1 girl dominate the world together as NCT❞
Updates: Wednesday and Fridays

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Title: Destiny: BTS x READER Fantasy AU
Author: LuvliMochi(Luvli)
Status: Complete
Chapters: Depends on what ending you choose(36 Total)
Genre: Fanfiction
Alternate Endings YOU get to choose!
A New Design - Made with PosterMyWall (6)

You are a princess living in a concealed life with a complicated mother and a father who is too busy to really connect with their family. One day, an elven prince comes to visit and dangerous events begin to unfold. People from your childhood, staff, and other new faces begin to help and guide you through an evil scheme and from a mysterious prophecy coming true. On the way do you find the one you love, whoever you choose, it must be your destiny?

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Name: Short Term Memory
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Taehyung is a foreign exchange student who’s training to become a dancer. Everything is normal until he starts to show signs of short term memory loss, but is there a reason why that’s happening?

Follow Taehyung as he discovers more about his world as it breaks apart little by little, and how he has to connect with others around him in order to stop the chaos from happening.



BTS fanfiction // Taekook
Completed story
Title: Forced break-up
by Laiskiainen23

A reasonably realistic story about the difficulties in being gay in a society where gay relationships are not socially accepted.


“Break-up or get expelled from school!”

Tae is forced by the school headmaster to end his and JKs relationship.

“I promised I’d stop seeing you immediately, JK”, Tae said looking up into JKs eyes asking for understanding. “I’m so sorry.”

“You always said you’d be prepared to risk anything for me, Tae! You said you’d love me forever. Was that just talk? Just some empty words to get me to date you? To get me into bed? Have you just been using me, Tae? Was nothing of this for real?” JK cried, wanting to hurt Tae like he himself was hurt.

When Tae’s parents get to hear about it, they decide that it would be better for Tae to marry a girl as soon as possible…

This is a sequel to “Get back with him” but it is not necessary to have read that one to read this.

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Title: Run Away Love
Author: Kookienihiroto



Guess I have to check in here before I can do anything else?

Par SheenaJohnson 338
Titre : Qui a besoin d’être protégé.:underage:
Histoire courte terminée.
lien :Qui a besoin d’être protégé ? #wattpad

Description : Son jeune ami semble fâché contre lui. Lorsque Jimin tente de tout arranger, ils sont enlevés.


Title:The Red Ribbion (Ongoing)
Description:Y/n was only five when she first ran into Jungkook, causing her to loose her most valuable thing to her, her red ribbon. The red ribbon was the last gift she ever got from her mum, before she passed away when she was a baby. Lucky Jungkook had picked it up and saved it for when they finally meet again, because he needed to thank y/for saving his life from drowning. So when highschool hits and they finally reconnect will they find each other or will they be strangers?


❝For as long as I can remember my heart belonged to you.❞

A twenty-year-old boy gets his life turned upside down with an unexpected turnout. With his life in shreds and his dreams torn apart, Jungkook has no reason for existing. For him, life was a gift. A blessing that he had always cherished. Now, it was nothing but a curse.

Twenty-two-year-old Park Jisun had her whole life planned. Her dream was slowly coming true. Everything was going great for the young woman until she hears her best friend’s unexpected news. Heartbroken, she puts her goals on hold to be with him. For there wasn’t much time left.

A sad young woman. A suffering young man. A love triangle that could break a friendship. No one said these last few moments would be easy.

How could it? Especially when one felt more for the other.


❝Sometimes the reason why we have secrets is to conceal a dark side.❞

He seemed like an ordinary K-pop idol. Handsome, talented, charismatic, and seemingly perfect. Kim Taehyung is the center of everyone’s attention and he enjoyed it. He knows he’s good at what he does, everyone practically obeyed his every demand. Taehyung loved being in the spotlight.

Or at least, that what everyone believes. No one truly knows what goes on in the star’s mind. He may seem perfect on the outside but the inside…that remains a mystery.

Lee Misun. A newly debuted idol with hundreds of fans already. With her mindset on her music and nothing else, she has successfully captured the mysterious idol’s interest. However, she has no interest in him. She didn’t care for him. He was nothing but an ignorant snob to her.

Yet, Taehyung was intrigued by such a strange girl. And it has been a while since a woman has caught his interest. He must have her. He had to toy with her. He just had to be careful that she doesn’t learn his dark, grim truth.

Ethereal Beauty

❝Accepting yourself is one step closer to loving yourself.❞

Korea was just another colony under the control of the Japanese nation. With no rebellion insight or a sign of defiance against the strong nation Kim Seokjin is content with the life he lives.

He has a family to look after and a plantation to tend which means he has no room for mistakes. With little to no money, Jin must sell over half of his yearly harvest just to get by each year. And each year becomes difficult than the last.

When autumn approaches Jin must make his yearly journey to a nearby village with the hope of a good investment. Just when things seem normal for the young man his world is suddenly turned upside down.

He is forced into a situation that will put everything on the line for him. What he cares deeply for will be at risk if he doesn’t complete his mission.

Yet his mission seems simple enough for a man like him. But this mission will be no easy task. Jin will soon come to realize how treacherous and dangerous it will be.

Especially when it involves a Lord’s daughter.


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Stray Kids Fanfiction | Lee Felix
Title: Impact
Part one of series
Smut included
By SkzMadeMeDoIt

She never thought she’d be so willing to give away the control she worked so hard to maintain every, single day. It all started to slip the day she walked into him.

Isa spun around to head to her office, bulldozing into a head full of cotton-candy pink hair. Yes. Pink. “Oh, sh!t. I’m so sorry!” she blurted out as she realized that this was one of her employees.

He looked up from his phone and smirked, raising an eyebrow as he met her eyes. “No worries. I should probably watch where I’m going, ey?” He suggested with a smile. His voice was a little deeper than she expected and flustered her, slightly.

“I-uh… Maybe so,” she smiled, pulling herself back together. “I admit, you startled me. Have we met?”

— I’d love to hear input from other writers. Will gladly trade reads as I’m always looking for new books too!

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