Fanfiction Writers



Hey where are all my fanfiction writers at??

I’d love to hear about anything you have to say, from your experience with writing on Wattpad to sharing tips on how to accurately and realistically maintain the original character when writing your own story… because honestly I really struggle with that.


I guess they’re all on tumblr huh?


Fanfic writer here :slight_smile: And completely Tumblr free for 16 years, lol

I’ve only been here a good few months, but how’re you today/tonight?


I’m a fanfiction writer.


Fanfic writer here. Now the trend here is Open FF aka fanfics that need no fandom knowledge to read. :wink:

Do you mean OC or canon character? Maintaining characterization sounds more like keeping in character to me.


Hi! Yeah I don’t use tumblr either. I’m good thanks, how’s wattpad been for you? Also what fandoms do you write?


Canon characters. I can never write them so that they sound in character, if you know what I mean?


Tumblr’s full of nonsense anyways. Wattpad’s been treating me well enough, plenty of advertising services and a UI that’s simple to manage alongside the ability to create threads for yourself in the built-in social network. What’s not to love?

I write Undertale fanfictions, i haven’t really had time for any others since they never really captivated my interest and fanfiction based on a real person just never hit the mark


Hmm, that’s actually a tough thing sometimes. Usually, I’d suggest rewatching/rereading/replaying several the source material to further understand canon characters. Gather as much as you can from the source material (e.g. source material has anime/manga/game/novel adaptations; delve into as many versions as possible). Or you can also wade through the fanfics for your fandom and see how they portray canon characters. Drop the ones that seem to stray from the original, closely observe the ones that stay really close to the original.

Otherwise, have a reviewer or commenter who is well-versed to your fandom. They can usually tell you what’s right or wrong with the portrayal of the canon character. If you’re from a tiny fandom like me, try to cater to non-fans and ask them to tell you what they think about the canon characters. Ask them treat canon characters like original characters in an original work.

For example, the MC of my fandom is a silent dude. If a non-fan commenter tells me, “He speaks so little throughout the chapter,” I’m keeping him in character. If a non-fan commenter tells me, “He’s so loud and noisy,” I need to find what’s wrong with my portrayal. Maybe he has too much dialogue, or something like that.


Hello! My genre I mainly write is fanfiction. I do Harry Potter, Marvel, Sherlock and an open fanfic


I agree and yeah wattpads pretty awesome.

That’s cool, for me I have to be really invested in whatever I’m writing about so I write mainly Marvel fanfiction. I’ve also tried real person fanfics but honestly they’re not as easy to write.


Hi! That’s awesome, I write Marvel and Sherlock fanfics too so cool to meet you


Marvel’s got a LOT of source material, i imagine it’s a fanfiction writer’s heaven :slight_smile: That’s the beauty of fanfiction really, each author writes what they like. Got to agree with the real person fanfictions, they never seem to work out unless said author is really good


It is, but it also means that it’s getting harder to wrote original material because everything has been done


Oh, that’s great!


A blessing and a curse, i understand fully really, my own fandom’s been done to death, literally.


Awesome! Thank you so much also sometimes i find it tricky to differentiate facts from the source with fan theories and other fanfics so I think looking into the original character/sources is definitely something I’ll try and do

That’s also I good idea - I’ve never really had anyone check my work for me before so maybe I’ll give that a go too if I can’t find someone willing


hello:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: everyone a new fanfic writer here




It sure does, possibly too much. I tried real person and compared to my marvel fic it totally flopped