Fanfiction Writers



oh I didn’t think they could do that alright


or maybe it’s too obvious mine is a fanfic HAHA


Whenever I’m on one of these chats and someone asks me what genre I write, I’m always so scared to say fanfiction, because I feel like they’ll just be like ‘oh cool’ and actually be thinking of me as like an immature teenage girl who’s obsessed with her idols (which I mean I kinda am so that doesn’t help :joy:)


Yess I’m in the 1D fandom too! Which doesn’t really help my case with people not taking my books seriously :sweat_smile:


and wattpads just like ‘uh no. wrong section buddy’


yes they send a pm and say that the genre is wrong and they’ve switched it to the correct genre


I know right, that’s why I decided to make a specifically fanfiction chat (ha same) feel free to talk about whatever!


keeping fanfiction serious is my middle name


fair enough I suppose


HAHAHAHAHAHA SAME. like i go to the word war thread to make myself write and when they ask, i get so scared too


haha wow your parents really knew what they were up to when they named you




Yeah :joy: and I’m like ‘…uh fanfiction haha’ and I can just feel them rolling their eyes at me :sob:


yes yes yes that! i literally go “haha well, i write different things i guess. i write fanfictions”


hahah yess that or ‘well, i write a lot of different genres, mostly fanfiction though’ even though I don’t write much in other genres at all…


Sometimes it can be so frustrating :confused:


That’s actually exactly what I’ve been thinking I’d do, but I wasn’t sure if it would make me too invisible to the people who are clicking because it’s fanfiction. I guess the tagging is probably enough though. I may come stalk everyone’s blurbs to get ideas, but I’ll actually read the stories, too, though; I’m not being like “I only love you for your blurbs” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:_


I can relate big time. I’ve got a couple of stories (they’re not uploaded yet, I’m very new to Wattpad) where I’m technically playing in someone else’s sandbox but not using their plot and if you’d never read the originals, it wouldn’t matter at all (I just learned that the name for this is “open fanfiction”) and it sort of pains my soul that I have to advertise them as fanfiction because of the negative connotations. That said, of course I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s material. I wish there was some sort of special category that was still fanfiction, but where it would be made clear that the material is so far away from the original that it really doesn’t fit in with the bulk of fanfic. I guess at the end of the day, we have to just do our part to make sure what fanfiction we write is really good so that the reputation of the genre can change or at least be understood to include legitimately great writing as well as the cringey stuff.


That’s funny. I would LOVE it if someone made this mistake with mine lol


My living nightmare :joy: