Fanfiction Writers



@pippitypipes thank you for saying this so I didn’t have to :grin:


Some days I think I’m just writing my novel as an excuse to write my fanfiction on the side lol




Wow, that’s really efficient!


I thought this chain was dead - glad to see you guys back :slight_smile:


i love the different thoughts the fanfiction writers here have. i enjoy reading them hahaha


same, i love hearing from other fanfiction writers because honestly I don’t know any in real life


Me neither. I bet it’s rare that anyone knows other writers in that genre by chance. At least, if they do, they’d probably never know it about each other since most people don’t exactly go advertising the fact haha but it’s really nice to get to talk to other people writing it on here :slightly_smiling_face:


haha same :joy:


Yeah I suppose - I mean I might unknowingly know fanfiction writers.


Hey. I’m currently writing fanfiction on The Sixth World.

I am also thinking of writing a fanfiction next gen for Marvel or maybe try and create a similar world, because I suck at getting personalities correct.


cool cool - I write fanfiction about the marvel movies but I think yours would be a pretty awesome idea. Also yeah getting the characters right is tough but we’ve had some really good tips so far.


me neither, in fact i don’t think i know any writers irl. i feel like they will laugh at me if they find out.


A couple of my real friends follow me on wattpad and it’s terrifying because neither are into fanfiction - worst decision ever.


Fan fiction is my dirty secret :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wish I’d kept mine that way tbh


I wanna write a next gen harry potter fanfic and possibly a dragon age fanfic.

I honestly portray the characters to the best of my ability, but I try to do more AUs and next gen to try and avoid people complaining about certain characters. Although now that I am on here, I might be able to get some actual help.


what kinda of fanfiction do people write


Rpgs (tabletop mostly), marvel, harry potter, dragon age