Fanfiction Writers





Ah yeah i see a lot of that




I’ve written anything from Phantom of the Opera but currently The Originals.




That’s cool. I wanted to write crossover of supernatural and vanpire diaries once, but i never found a cowriter


I think I’ve seen those around.

I haven’t watched Supernatural in forever.


I need to watch season 13


Well the Originals is a spin off of Vampire Diaries.


Hi! I write mainly Marvel.


hello, i do the overwatch thing


I like to write band fanfics and anime fanfics (imagine thatxD). I keep the names and personalities of the characters I use, but the rest I go from there(with many many references)


That’s cool, same!


That is.

One person refers to it as The Vampire Diaries for adults. I agree to that. XD


Possibly. I haven’t watched The Originals except for a couple episodes and they were out of order.


Well that makes it difficult to get into


Yea a bit, but I have plans to watch it and vampire diaries


I liked Vampire Diaries but fell in love with The Originals. It’s mostly New Orleans though.

Writing about New Orleans is wonderful.


As a Vampire Diaries fanfic writer, I totally recommend watching both shows!!! Watch TVD first though and then once the originals are introduced and leave, then watch The Originals.


I recommend the same.

People point out thr characters are different. They’re in different situations with different motives. Still they are awesome