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Oh wow… look at all these people…


That’s an impressive amount of reads. Wow…


oh you saw? :sweat_smile: thanks! I originally posted the story on Quotev, but I decided to branch out to WP for a larger reading audience. Now I update the story on the both sites at the same time. The first one is being just now being edited so if you read it and you’re cringing, just know that was 13 year old me, not 19 year old me.


That’s still not bad, at all. Really. Congrats!

I’ve been wanting to ask this question on a fanfiction with a lot of reads. Other than quality and originality, does when the fanfiction come out make a difference?

I only ask because I look at The Originals often and see both high reads and low. Both amazing. And also struggling with this myself. Haha.


Well, that’s a good question. I honestly don’t know why I’ve been able to get so many reads. I think it’s about the consistency of updating and how you improve your writing as you go. Also, engaging with your readers is a good way to keep a connection. So, if someone leaves a comment like “omg I can’t believe Klaus just did that! I think Rebekah is going to be outraged”, you can comment back by saying “you have no idea how she’s going to react! just wait and see next week!”

Then again, the number of reads doesn’t always indicate the quality of the story because people go to read the story and end up not liking it. So I may have so many, but it doesn’t mean everyone who read the first chapter continued on.

I say keep writing and people will read your stuff.


Now that I’ve taken up a portion of the thread. Sorry about that.

It’s a good thing and from what I saw the story was very good. That’s some great advice, thanks.

I have my doubts it will rise since it’s alternate universe. It’s been very fun to write.


You have to be confident in your writing!!! I’m sure with time it will get the attention it deserves!


Tbh i just started writing fanfiction and sometimes most of my chapters come from my dreams, weird i know, but i dont know how to lucid dream again i dont know how to lucid dream
but i can fully control my dreams and continue to be self aware, like divergent, where she knows the sim isnt real and she shouldnt be scared. I can not control what i do, or how the rest of the dream plays out, but i am fully aware and able to control small things, i can think and feel and cry in my dreams, but when it comes to new ideas of fanfiction i usually have no control over those dreams, thats why i started writing them as fanfiction, okay im done now xD


I am just trying to figure out which fanfic I want to start first


damn that’s pretty cool, awesome multitasking - I have to think up all my ideas conscious and it sucks






What are you up to?


Just drawing, waiting to go home. How about you?


Deciding which fanfic to start work on.


Well which one do you feel in the mood for? I always feel like writing a particular story or working with a specific character. If not the one you updated last and if you haven’t published any of them yet then go with the one you feel you could write the most of/really get into that certain story. I don’t know it’s hard to say - thats just my opinion of course.


That’s an interesting way. I like that.

I’ve built my chapter like blocks and how to bother my characters more.


Marvel even though it may turn out very little to do with said Marvel


To come up with a title…hmmm


This is also me. I don’t generally like to happily announce I write fanfiction. It gets such a bad reputation. People assume “you write fanfiction? You steal ideas? You get easy reads off of another idea?”

They don’t understand its so much more than that. I write both original and fan fiction stories. I guarantee both take just as much effort to write. Fanfiction isn’t easy reads. My first fanfiction has been up probably 4 years and hasn’t broke 1k yet. It’s about writing, too. I also write AUs, so my fanfictions are very open. It is not easy writing AUs but trying to keep a character similar to the show personality.