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I would hate that. I specifically don’t put my books in the fanfiction genre because it is so overcluttered that my work would get lost. My fanfiction is very open and its always an AU anyway.


I have written one on Ever After High but my favorite is Peter Pan from OUAT.


OUAT can be crazy and especially that story arch


Feel ya so much! It took 2 years to tweak the story to where it is right now. It’s hard work and writing it definitely requires talent, too.
There is 2 kinds of fanfics.
A: #dramione #drarry You get what I’m saying. Bad ships and even worse plots.
B: Original fanfic where you develop your own characters, your own storyline and, in my personal opinion, leave canon as is. I don’t want to destruct a universe so many people love—myself included. But maybe thats just me : )


OUAT was so good till the last few season. It got too repetitive towards the end. My favorite season was Neverland/Peter Pan. :ok_hand:


Yeah, I understand completely.


YES. I loved season 1-5. 3 was my favorite because it was when Peter Pan came, only the best villain on the show.


They made that season so good. The arch was great and they threw amazing and mind blowing plot twists EVERYWHERE.


Exactly. And Robbie Kay portrayed the best evil Peter Pan ever. It worked so well.


Everyone is related or at least thats how i felt


He is such a good actor.


I am trying to do a Marvel fanfic, but I plan to exploit the alternate universe rules because I couldn’t possibly get everything right.


“accurately and realistically maintain the original character when writing your own story”

I literally made it my mission to do the exact opposite of that for the current real-person fanfiction I’m writing. It’s kind of the point of one of the biggest Aesops in my story - don’t get too attached to celebrities you only know through their work, social media, etc. and not on a personal level - you don’t know what they’re like behind the scenes. The image they portray to their audience could very well be a a completely misleading facade, and the “real them” could be a selfish, dangerous, vile excuse of a human being that you would never idolize if THAT was the version of themselves that the consumerist society saw. The major downside to this approach is making sure my audience is aware that I did this on purpose, as the last thing I’d want to do is lead a bunch of people into thinking that my characters (especially the main one; he’s the worst) actually think and behave in such disgusting ways in real life.


that is very true. Like almost every villain had some sort of relation to the heroes. At first, it was a pretty cool thing to do, but then they kept doing it and doing it. Also, the repetition of the curse that wiped everyone’s minds and trapped them in Storybrooke got so unoriginal.


He was so good :clap::clap:


That was my problem with the show. Season 6 and 7 were pretty much the same recycled ideas and it sucks. Okay, we get it. There’s always a dark one. Storybrooke is screwed no matter what. Next!

I wish they hadn’t killed off Oan a second time. It would’ve been a good ending if he just went back to Neverland or took over storybook and turned it into Neverland. That would’ve been an ending nobody would’ve seen. Instead, we got Henry’s daughter repeating what he did with his mom when he found her.


Yep. I’m working on deciding whether I want to make a completely new universe or write an AU fanfic.




A little off topic but I feel like it is harder to get a cover now a days.


ugh I suck at titles but hey maybe if you give up some ideas we could talk them through