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if you want a book cover I know someone that can help you with it. sorry for butting into your convo


I couldn’t think of any except Jedediah (mc’s name) or Celeste (his sister’s name).

The story is about Jedediah having to save his sister and the world from a dark fae king.

(I know it’s a bit different then most superhero stuff.)




This is a good concept to keep in mind when writing about real people/celebrities cause you can make them however you think they would be/want them to be like because honestly no one knows them personally - also yeah you gotta be careful to make that clear


@hardeynyhun here is her username


I finished the show to see Hook and Emma finally get together. Only reason.

I do love adult Henry and the idea of heart poisoning is interesting. Otherwise it’s just meh.


I write a The Originals AU. It’s complicated but you kind of get your own plot, too instead of squeezing in. The hard part is keeping the same feel and being true to the fandom.


That’s why my best friend finished it too.


I shipped them from the second season. Seeing Regina as Ronnie was satisfying, too.


Yea. I am gonna try and see what happens.


It’s going to be tempting in the middle of writing to change the known character or location. In most cases resist it unless it’s specifically for the plot.

It’s a pain. X.x


I just don’t wanna try and fit it with MCU storyline and to be honest its the one I know the best. So I am just tagging as an Alternate Universe


Heyo! I publish fanfiction and I’ve been a part of the fanfiction community since fanfiction . net haha. Wattpad doesn’t really bring a lot of engagement for the fandoms I write for, so I mainly publish on AO3 since the user-base is a lot more interested in my work.

Um, as for maintaining the original character? Pretty much impossible, dude. Only the original author is going to know the character well enough to keep them 100% in character 100% of the time. Still, most people read fanfiction for the new content, so I’ve found that while you’re stressing about characters being OOC, most of your readers are just waiting to find out if x and y are getting together or not. Stick with the main character traits with allowances for new experiences/backstory, keep it realistic, and you’ll be fine. Hope that helps!


I am on AO3 as well. I don’t have anything posted there right now tho.


hi! and yeah that definitely helps - thank you!! also true, with fanfiction people are mostly out for the ships.


That is true. Characters act different in different situations. Keeping as close as you can is great.

After all, I’ve seen ones where the big, bad character turns into a sweet, lovable guy. All by chapter three!


exactly, mine is very very au. but they messaged me and said they moved it to the fanfiction genre and i just, okay then


Exactly! Honestly, after like the first two episodes of the last season, I stopped watching it cause it just got unbearable to watch.




I stopped during season 6. It got way too boring.