Fanfiction Writers



Hey everyone




How are you?


I’m okay. How are you?


I am alright. Im feeling a bit overwhelmed


Why are you overwhelmed?


Just overwhelmed with ideas and some that I need to edit to fit wattpad guidelines






I have the same problem. This usually happens with characters I’m not familiarised with. If it is a main character then I would usually watch a few youtube videos on them, learning about their personality and how they talk. I still struggle with it though


Have you looked at the characters wiki page? That usually has a wealth of information.

I save YouTube for understanding how they speak and move.


Oof, I haven’t been on this thread for a while. How’s the fanfiction writing going guys?


Not bad. You?

I had to do a second of the same fandom. My baby is serious and going to chapter ten. The new one is for fun. Ironically one light scene of violence was harder than my first death one.


Slow. I have two stories I’m working on, but lacking inspiration


That’s always difficult. What’s your process in outlining or otherwise?


I usually make a rough outline with things that I need to have in the story and then the rest is just inspiration. Very professional XD


That’s exactly what I do. xD

I know what’s going on, that’s good enough.

What fanfiction do you write?


I got a Harry Potter and The Gifted (which is a Marvel TV show and an open) ones in the work. I have a MCU and Sherlock done, although my second MCU one is on hold at the moment


Surprisingly well, then again I haven’t publish the chapter im working on yet


There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and getting your inspiration back rather than pushing yourself - reviewing the original text always help with that too