Fanfiction Writers





Hey! I write fanfiction and original fiction.

I actually do better readership-wise on Ao3.

I write for the Star Trek reboot movies and the hulu show Harlots.


I will always love Harry Potter. The Gifted was amazing even if I couldn’t see more than a few episodes.


hello everybody




I’ve had the first awkward run in with a fanfiction writer where there was a fundamental disagreement about the technique used. That was interesting.


The Gifted is amazing!


What do you mean?


how r you doing? what fanfic do you write? i hope i’m not rude


No, you’re not rude. I’m doing well. I write Marvel, Sherlock and Harry Potter


I think it’s more pacing. I won’t go into details, it was just a first since it was the same fandom. Lol.

As long as we learn.


Sherlock as in Sherlock Holmes? I really like Sherlock, i read the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and planning on reading the rests.


Yeah, it’s based on the BBC show


I love that show. :heartbeat:

They tease a lot about the next season.


oh, there’s a Sherlock Holmes show. i’d probably check it. can i ask you something please?




God, I’ll be 30 when they release the next season!


No kidding! There was some news on it and all it said was there will be another series.


how can i end a chapter please?


Um, well it depends. I like ending chapters on either a cliffhanger or in a very definite way