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i feel like the way i end chapters aren’t good. and can you please cliffhanger and how can i know if it’s


I know this is late but hell yeah i love Sherlock


It’s never too late.

My favorite part is when he shoots the wall in boredom. XD


yessss and he just yells ‘bored!’ and shoots the wall


In a smiley face. XD


I am gonna posting there soon. I have an account I never used.


Now I’m working on my Marvel, finally


It really is a better place for fanfiction reader bases.


I find it strange that pretty much everyone says fanfiction does better on Ao3, but I’ve posted my fanfictions over there and, while my oneshots gain more traction there than here, my longer fanfictions barely pick up any readership there but do really well here.


I tried using Ao3, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve figured that Wattpad is better depending on the type of ff you write and your demographic


I’m still finding my way around it but have figured it out for the most part so maybe I can help depending on what you can’t figure out?
Maybe, I mean, it’s all for the same fandom, but I guess could be do to the plot differences.


I finally figured out how to actually post stuff, just the format of the site isn’t the most navigable


That’s good. And true, the navigation seems overly complicated compared to some other sites.


I think I do better on Ao3 because Harlots is a rather small fandom and more people know that Ao3 = A Place The Fanfiction Lives. So people who do read Harlots for go there.


Hello again everyone. I am thinking of doing an origin stories for a superhero kind of like the MCU did for all their big heroes besides black widow and Hawkeye. I wanna do pretty much the same thing, but with a group of original characters. One of which will come from a special bloodline. I can’t decide whether to do the 4 horsemen or the 7 deadly sins. Do you have any opinions? The eldest of this special family will either be War or Wrath. (I know most say the first sin is pride, but this isn’t the biblical versions mostly.)


Does Ao3 have better stories? I’m getting tired of reading the same old stories for my fandom. I’m really hoping that it would be a better place for a more unique fanfiction.


I think AO3 is better for fandoms that not a lot of people write about on here. But I’m not a big fan of the bigger types of fandoms on there.


You also have to be careful, they do all erotica more freely than here and can have no real plot to it.