Fanfiction Writers



I’m a fanfiction writer, too. It’s nice to meet some fellow fanfic-writers. What are your main fandoms?


Currently Marvel and Harry Potter. I like doing alot of AUs though


Harry Potter goes for me, too. AU = Alternative Universe, right? Which universe would you write Harry and his friends into?


Honestly I keep them in the same world to the best of my memory, but i tend to alter the storyline in someway. For example: maybe Voldemort didn’t scar harry but instead it was neville. This is just an example I haven’t written a story like that.

If I don’t wanna mess with any of the storyline, i typically will use the world and make my own story with new characters as the main characters.


I think I like it better than here. I saw only one canon being kidnapped by an OC out of six. I think I’ll try tonight and keep an eye out for smut.


That’s understandable. I sometimes get confused about all the information you have to keep track of, you know?

But with AUs, you don’t have to dream up a new world but can still create your own story-line and/or characters. Smart thinking!

I think I do the same. My fanfiction takes place in the same universe as the true story but I’ve created a new protagonist. People from the books are involved but I incorporate them after my own will. By the way, I’m writing Percy Jackson fanfiction :wink: .



Im currently working on Marvel right now and its a big project. I have in mind.


Marvel and Sherlock


Hey. Currently, I write Phineas and Ferb fanfic, everything from canon compliant fillers and expansion to episode AUs to full AUs.


7 deadly sins could be very interesting


I started my PJO fanfiction about a month ago and Wattpad has been a great platform to create my story, but I don’t really know how best to share what I’ve written?


Oh, I love PJO. What do you mean by sharing?


Haha. I want to get my story out there more, you know have more readers rather than reads.


Sounds like you’re taking on a lot. Good luck :relaxed:!


I’m in the Sherlock Holmes fandom, too! :star_struck:


Phineas and Ferb! That’s one of my, still, favorite shows. How do you come up with ideas for their innovations and the story-line?


I’m writing PJO fanfiction, too. It’s nice to meet a fellow Percy Jackson fan :relaxed:.

In regards of how to share your story, I’ve experienced that engaging positively in the WP community is a big game-changer. You can either get people to critique your story, so that you can develop or simply just start conversations with other lovely wattpadders. It will boost your energy and spirit. And who knows, maybe someone will take an interest in your story that way? And most important of all, remember to write!


I love PJO, too.


Thanks for the advice! How’s your story coming along then?


Really? Nice! I love meeting other fans on here. :smiley:

The fanfics don’t focus too much on the innovative side, I prefer to explore the relationships between characters (but nothing slashy). So the plots are mostly either fluff or angst, sometimes both. One has a very dark story-line based off a nightmare I had, but the rest are just ideas that pop into my head. Well, expect for one that’s based off a prompt.