Fanfiction Writers



Yeah, those books were amazing, although I’m not a fan of his most recent ones


My story is coming along alright, thank you. I’ve been ill recently but it has only helped my ideas to flow. What about you?


Me too. It’s not everyday you find someone with the same interest in Phineas and Ferb.

I think it’s a good idea to portray the relationships between the characters. We’ve joined them on their adventures and had insight in their feelings but we need some more depth.


Yep, I agree on the PJO part.

I personally like his new works.
What didn’t you like about them? The writing style, plot or something completely different?:typewriter::blush:


Does anyone else finding the rankings for fanfictions weird?

It’s probably the same in every ranking but all these big stories makes it really hard for the little guys.


Writing style and plot. He’s just lost steam


Okay. I don’t agree but I can see where you’re heading from and I respect your opinion :relaxed:.


Weird in what way, exactly?


I know votes and comments count in. It feels as if you have to scroll for two minutes to get to newer stories. All while ones that already have been on for months are first.


People are always weird about writing fan fiction but for me I hit way less writers block when writing a fic than with original fiction.

Though I just can’t work out how to get this one scene to flow properly right now… but that’s besides the point.
Majority of ff authors, especially rpf authors tend to do AUs so to me it’s just reading/writing a regular story with names and faces I already know, it actually just removes the need for unnecessary descriptions. But people always think it’s weird to read/write fanfiction even though it’s one of the most diverse genres


I can completely agree with that. AUs are also very fun to write for me, so its the only fanfiction I write. And fanfiction does have different genres too. You can base it in horror, fantasy, romance or anything.


Well I try to do a new part every week and I found it difficult to keep up recently with publishing every week. But I managed to post my new part today!
So yeah, I think it’s going pretty good and I’m enjoying writing a lot. What’s your PJO fanfiction about?


Hey. I’m new here. However, I have been on Wattpad itself for three years. I have been writing fan fiction for longer though.


Hello! What fandom do you write for?


hi and welcome - same I didn’t even know wattpad community was a thing for years


It’s nice to have someplace to talk at


definitely - best discovery ever.


I used to be on the old threads al the time but I sort of migrated to ao3, now I use wattpad to write on and ao3 to actually post it lol


ha I think wattpad is easier to write on but ao3 possibly has a better audience for certain fandoms so I guess that’s an alright process


I haven’t posted on there but I was impressed with the selection of stories.