Fanfiction Writers



True, it’s a little annoying sometimes.


Good for you!

My story is about a girl protagonist, Liv, who arrives at Camp Half-Blood and gets hurled into a new prophecy. Don’t want to spoil too much :relaxed:.

What about your story? What’s it about?


i just finished writing a fanfic. but i wrote it not as a fanfic but it somehow became a au fanfic and idk how that works.


honestly I’m not really sure how that works either.


I do a lot of different ones but, right now I am working on a Ciel x Reader series (Black Butler).




haha. that sounds really good!
mine’s just one shot ideas I think of, but I write ones which follows the books. Though they’re all about Percy and Annabeth- my OTP! :slight_smile:
Yeah, for some reason I don’t enjoy AUs. I think it’s because I feel it’s not really got to do with Percy Jackson other than the fact that their names are the same.


Thank you! I just hope it’s not a too-used idea.

Yours sounds interesting, too! Percabeth is also one of my OTP’s.

I can understand your thoughts about AU’s. I haven’t read many but I’ve found a few that I’ve enjoyed.


I used to be a fanfic writer but I wrote celeb fanfiction. it helped with my depression and mental illness but people would criticise me not my story and they would just be so rude and it hurt so bad that I selfharmed that’s why I no longer write


Ive been writing fanfiction since I was 13, I’m 21 now, and I find it comes easy when you really know the material. I will consume everything and anything involving the fandom I’m writing a fanfic for to make it more authentic. The only thing I think would be good is to be patient because not everyone is gonna see your stuff right away and make it something you’d want to read


aw I’m so sorry - people can be such jerks, everybody who knows I write fanfiction thinks I’m a complete weirdo tbh. you should definitely get back into writing if that’s what you enjoy though.


I love it when a fanfiction doesn’t feel like it’s fan service. Something legit and feels true to the fandom.

One can only hope.


I agree. I feel like a lot of fanfics board on being the same with different characters. Also I hate when they start off good with the personalities from the show or movie, but then it derails and it’s like a different person


Hi everyone! I’ve been writing fan-fiction for a couple of years, but took a break and am now back to doing so with a new one :slight_smile:


I like fanfiction because it lets me play around with new ideas and writing styles in an area where there is already a fan base. I can get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t since you kinda have a built in readership. Also writing fanfiction is just really fun.


I think one of my peeves is when a canon is kidnapped and replaced with an OC. Then it’s the same plot as before.

I agree with that. Unless the point of the character story arc is to shake up their world and see the changes.


Are you still adding new parts to your story? I’d love to give it a read :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to the chat! What fandom do you write for?


Thank you. Actually, I just published the seventh chapter of my story.


Thank you! I’m currently writing a fanfiction for Marvel’s Inhumans at the moment. :slight_smile: