Fanfictions : What are you fed up of and what do you actually want to read?


There are so many fanfictions out there. I am more into HP fandom, but I have read stories from many others. Personally talking, I found that many fanfics have used repetitive scenario, but there are some that are really exceptional. To be honest, this happens in every genre. Do you feel the same? Come on board. Share your opinions. Let’s rant about what do you find repetitive or discuss what would you like to be changed. This way we can help one another and design a better world for fanfic.

Important Note: Please don’t advertise the stories, be it yours or not. I want this thread to remain loyal to the topic of this thread.

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Okay! So maybe it is just me, but I am really fed up with overly perfect original characters. It is like they are inhumanly beautiful and exceptionally talented at everything they do. Loved by everyone they overshadow the canons. And I think it is unfair to the latter.


There are a lot of things I’m sick of seeing in fanfics. The list is way longer than this, but these are the few key points I can think of at the moment.

• Stop. Romanticizing. Abuse. Please.

• Overly perfect OCs, as mentioned in the OP. Alternatively, I’m tired of seeing overly basic OCs who are described as looking boring, have no interesting qualities, and contribute nothing to the plot or other characters’ developments. Give your OCs some flavor, people!

• Piling so many headcanons onto characters that their original personalities get totally erased. I get that it can be a little difficult in certain situations, but changing up a character’s personality so much to the point where they’re unrecognizable is basically writing an OC. It’s not even fanfiction at that point.


I’m sick of people writing a character completely OOC (aka, a complete asshole) so their canon partner will break up with them in order to make the writer’s ship work.
Making a character completely OOC without explanation. (I’m cool with it if it’s explained like in this one fanfic where the character was brainwashed, or if it’s done slowly in a way that it comes off as character growth and they still keep the key parts of who they are.)
Incest ships.
Bestiality ships. (The biggest downside of being in the Phineas and Ferb fandom).


Things in fanfic that I’m fed up with are;

  • When characters are out of character
  • character hate (you have no idea how many times I’ve had to exit out of Marvel fics because of Steve Rogers hate)
  • ship hate
  • incest shipping (unfortunately with what little fanfic there is for Malcolm in the Middle, almost every single fanfic involves incest and is underage)
  • shipping a grown adult with a minor (I can deal with age gaps, but not if it’s an adult with a child)
  • romanticizing abuse and/or mental illnesses
  • terrible, barely readable grammar and punctuation
  • overly perfect OCs

That’s all that’s coming to mind right now.

With things in fanfic that I like however;

  • characters being in character, or the closest you can get if writing an AU
  • character development (though I’ll admit, I’m probably not the best with that…)
  • a decent plot
  • this is just a preference, but I’d prefer to see more fluff other than smut.
  • believable OCs
  • decent grammar and punctuation, or decent enough to be readable anyway
  • I’m okay with cliche’s if they’re written well
  • I’m also going to add that if it’s a male pregnancy story, to have some warning before hand, and that it’s written in a way that makes sense and is as believable as you can possibly get with mpreg.

Not sure what else I can add to that tbh


I have nothing else to add :rofl: regarding the dislike part :wink: It feels you have said it all, and I can only agree.

But I would love to see more stories centered around:

  • Adventures
  • Developing some theory
  • Worldbuilding and character growth

Basically, I’m writing my stories with this three on the mind.

I also dislike bad SPAG stories, it’s hard to navigate not just read.

By the way, I’m compiling a list of Open FFs, if you know any story or write some, I would be happy to check them or at least add them to my list :heart:


I’m a HS fanfic reader, but I think my complaints can be applied to other famous person fanfics too.

Let’s see less of:

  • The Social Media story ex. (famous person’s name) just followed you on (insert social media platform)

  • On Tour With You story ex. can (MC) handle being in the spotlight when they go on tour with (famous person)?

  • The “I’m Adopted by (Boy Band) and Now Live in a Mansion” this one may be more specific to the 1D fandom, idk.

  • Bad boy, good girl C’mon, at least give that girl some backbone!

Now, to be fair, I’ve read my fair share of good ones that fit these categories as well. I just see too many of the same, and done without depth.

I actually want to read stories that, if substituted with other characters, would still be a fantastic story. Because what is really special about fanfics is that because we are fans of the world, the story is made even better because we recognize and love the world in it. But without a great story, the world that we love doesn’t come to life.


I agree with you. It is like the main character is all rounder and others are just there. What they are doing no one knows.

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Can’t say I disagree. Generally, to make the writer’s ship work, they make this other character a bitch. To be honest, to me, doing this is like disrespecting the work of actual author. OOC is the biggest issue and a turn of.

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I agree. Some things are definitely incomprehensible, e.g. male pregnancy. If a writer wants the homosexual pair to work, I think they should opt for adoption. These things make the story relatable. I think a story should be relatable to the reader. What is the point if a reader can’t see what you as an author want them to see.:worried:


I will keep that in mind :smiley:

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It is disrespectful. And half the time, it’s not even necessary. They could put in the effort to come up with a logical, in character reason for the two to break up. But no, lets just make so-and-so a complete, abusive asshole/bitch.

Personally, I think m!preg can work under certain genres. If it’s sci-fi, fantasy, or some sort of supernatural thing, it can work if properly explained why it works and it’s not trying to be realistic to our own reality.


I generally don’t read the celebrity fanfiction, but I can see your point. Many people prefer damsels in distress. Tbh, being a good girl doesn’t mean being spineless e.g. Hermione from HP, but many people do portray like that. I don’t understand how such a female character can be a central one. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t bother watching twilight. (No offence to anyone who adores it.)


This isn’t about the content specifically, but I just can’t handle this Y/N (your name) business, and I’m always gutted when the plot seems amazing but it has this - I just can’t read it! So I have to put it down before I even start.

The way I’ve countered this is by just referencing the MC/you as her/she (I prefer to write third person to second haha), but I really wish Y/N wasn’t so prevalent. The good thing is that most stories I encounter like this don’t seem to be written in a style I would normally read anyway, so I don’t have to be too upset about losing out…


I didn’t consider the categories you mentioned. How ignorant of me!

But yeah they can work in the category you mentioned. I was just considering regular things like romance or celebrity fanfics that involve no time travel.


It is alright. It is the matter of what you prefer. Initially it used to bother me as well, but I came across many good stories, so I kind of got familiar with it.

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I don’t think I could ever read it like that… My mind would just read Y/N every time.

“Hey your name, what are you doing?”

I just couldn’t input my own name into that spot out of habit, haha.


Ha Ha. Relatable. I used to do the same, then instead of reading it as {your name}, I started using my name or any random name I want as a replacement. This made things easier for me.
e.g. Hello, {your name}! How are you? ==> Hello, Alexa! How are you?
P.S. BTW, Alexa is not my actual name.


Honestly, I find mpreg to work the best in the case of alpha/beta/omega dynamics with only the omega males being able to get pregnant. I guess that would fall under some fantasy-type element, and I’ve grown quite fond of writing that.

Adoption would be the best way to go, true, but I’ve found that in a lot of books on here (specifically with fanfiction) the writer doesn’t seem to know how the adoption process works.


I’m very literal though - I read what’s there, maybe that’s my problem. But perhaps you’re right and I could learn to do it that way. I just don’t currently have the patience to put myself through that XD

I would much rather pretend to be Alexa than pretend to see my name written instead of Y/N!