Fanfictions : What are you fed up of and what do you actually want to read?


My words :rofl: I don’t mind if they behave differently, but it should fit in the story naturally :slight_smile:

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@MangleTMCP I can completely understand your point. I myself am fed up with porns in fanfics. Tbh, sometimes there is no plot at all. Personally, I wonder how embarrassing it might be for a celebrity to read a pornographic fanfiction about themselves. Then I just quit reading.

@Witto1501 I agree, a lemon is attractive if it is in accordance to the plot development. Otherwise you lose the flow and category becomes porn without plot.

@keepurheadup That’s what I meant by overly perfect characters. It is exhausting, isn’t it?

@MaskedObsession Same dude!!


I am actually fed up of people expecting fanfiction to turn otherwise villain soft for some stupid girl/boy instantly. I mean you can’t possibly expect bad or strict guys to turn mushy and giggly and all unicorns and rainbows at the very first site without an actual reason now, can you? That’s why we have good or laid-back guys in any fandom. This is also portraying them as someone else.

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  1. I hope no one will take offense to this, but there’s too few fanfictions with straight ships in newer fandoms. It’s like all the modern fandoms have nothing but gay ships and gay relationships. Logically I know it’s because straight people have no trouble finding straight couples in fiction and seeing chemistry between opposite sex characters that isn’t really there, while lgbt people have to struggle to even get romantic chemistry between characters acknowledged. But I just want content written for some characters because I really love them and I think they would have amazing chemistry.

  2. I’m sick and tired of 60% of gay fanfictions centering on bdsm, alpha/omega werewolf dynamics or ddlg (that one’s just gross). Why can’t I have a nice 1980s punk AU that doesn’t involve sado-masochistic tendencies for once??

  3. There’s wayyyyyy too few lesbian fanfictions and even fewer ones that are explicit. It’s like bi/lesbian women themselves don’t have the drive to represent themselves, and especially not in explicit detail.


Not going to lie, I think I can relate to you to certain degree. I feel like sometime people get confused between romance and smut. I really want to read a good love story, and many times it happens that all I come across is explicit mature content. The characters going at it in continuation is a huge turn off for not only this genre, but in every genre.

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I don’t have anything against interracial couples, but I have stopped reading stories about them after coming across this type of experience.

Are you saying that most interracial fanfictions you’ve come across are fetishizing?


No the most but many. I am not sure what fetish means, but I have came across more explicit content exclusively.


Hmm, I see what you mean. I love the LGBTQ+ ff, but sometimes the ships that go on are a little weird to extremely weird. Most of the time when I’m writing, I try to stay away from the whole romance anyway XD


Basically, the things I’m sick of seeing in fanfics are repetitive scenario and barely readable grammar. I have a list of what I dislike from fanfics but those two are in my first list!


I know a few of them with superb grammar that are open to any reader :smiley:


OOC fics drive me completely mad - if the author is going to change the character’s entire personality, why write fanfic at all?

Another thing that I cannot stand are explicit scenes. I get that authors want to live out their fantasies but I don’t need a play by play every single turn of the page.


I’m guessing most people who write fanfic do so for their own amusement and just don’t have the writing skills yet, or even care. There’s plenty of us who do write professionally, but trawling through the poor stuff can be tedious.


IKR! And it wouldn’t be so bad if they were good at something, if they were at least given a reason to be but like, when you make someone able to hit the target with a bow and arrow every time when they’ve never done it before in their life…like wth is that even about?!


Tooootally! Like, it is a fanfiction…why are people making the canons do things that are totally out of character?! Aren’t they writing it because they like the characters in the fandom? -_- Ticks me off lol.

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AAAAAAAAAAAH I KNOW!!! I thought people wrote about fanfiction because they liked the characters in the fanfiction, so why are they trying to so dramatically change their character!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


:heart: Yesssss!!! I’m trying very hard to do this in my story without making it boring haha.

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Don’t forget the “Girl who can beat up any guy (even though she has no muscle and is super tiny) and is an absolute brat” :roll_eyes:


Okay, so I’ve read a lot of Vampire Diaries fanfics and lemme tell you what I’ve grown to despise:

  • Elena Gilbert has a twin sister that either no one knew about (lived somewhere else, in a coma, or hidden because they were twin no one liked??) or was always living there (hated each other, less popular than Elena, more popular than Elena, shared same personality as Katherine).
  • Same twin would end up with Damon, Klaus, or Elijah.
  • Same twin would somehow be more important/powerful than Elena.
  • Katherine Piece had a twin no one knew about.
  • Stefan and Damon had a younger sister that they thought was dead but was turned into a vampire like them.
  • Mikaelson family had a younger sister who was literally a child (4 or 5 years old) that was an original as well.

_nomad’s PoV

I created a thread to see what people are tired of seeing in fanfiction.

TheWolfEmperor’s POV

I replied to the thread with an example I’m sick of seeing in all stories. Writers need to learn a better way of transitioning from points of view. They certainly don’t need to fill a whole chapter with twenty some-odd POV shifts.


@PeterPanGlader My point exactly. It is really uncomfortable to see them overly perfect all the time. I mean I understand that an OC to an author is like a child to a mother, but they should remember that every child throws tantrums every once in a while. Though they usually love the CCs their love for their OCs overshadows everything. I also dislike when they steal CCs lines and give them to OCs. Like come on!!!

@edoggypaws I agree with you on adopted by boy band scenario. I don’t understand why would that happen in the first place. Completely unrelatable and confusing scenario for me. How do the boys, that too sometimes teenage celebrities, get so much of free time is amusing. (No offense to anyone who likes this scenario, since this is personal opinion.)

@xbatmanrobinx I know. It annoys how this twin is protecting Elena and has a strong bond with almost everyone in the series. Somehow, this identical twin is more attractive than Elena almost all the times.

@TheWolfEmperor Don’t forget a frequent change of first person POV to third person and vice versa. Many times, it also happens that writer forget to mention the change of POV. And these minor mistakes lead to the drastically confusing situations. I lost the count of times I figured who was talking only in the end of chapters. That’s the reason I generally recommend people to use third person POVs. They are safe and understandable most of the times.