Fangirl/boy thread (Part 3) {Wattpadwriters version.}


I wonder how long it would take to make this thread active again.


Hello fellow fangirls and fanboys! :slight_smile:


I love myself for making this post


Also, sorry for posting so late, but i thought i could give this thread some life


With some things, that’s a pretty accurate description of me. XD


Glad i could find someone who relates, we are all crazy with something



What Fandoms do you like?


The King of Fighters and Digimon, i mostly talk about them and post them.


I haven’t heard of that, but it sounds pretty cool.


Yup, i think almost all the fandoms are cool and interesting


I love how enthusiastic people can get on the subject of things they really like.

My brother’s really into Medieval weapons and armor, and loves talking about it.


Yeah, and i love to talk about my fandoms, because i can get some people to know characters better and i think it’s amusing


That’s really cool! It’s super fun when you talk to other people who like the same things as you.


Yeah, but it’s also fun if you talk to people who aren’t fan of it, so they can know about it a bit. It’s good to know


That is true.


Yeah, it’s good to know something, even if it’s a bit


Bumping this thread with a image


Hewwo fandom people


Unfortunately, a lot but i’m kinda trying…