Fantasy authors - in search of newsletter/social media swaps

Hello! I don’t normally hang around this club so if you don’t know me I’m Lacy, I’m a full-time self-published fantasy author. The Wattpad community is a huge part of what got me to where I am so I love helping out other writers here, so I figured I’d post this here and see how it went. I’m looking for other fantasy authors who’d like to do newsletter or various social media swaps with me or maybe with someone else who posts here. If you don’t know, a swap would involve each person promoting the other’s work in an agreed upon location on an agreed upon date (sometimes both on the same day, sometimes others, I know schedules can be difficult sometimes.) I think it’d be a really good way to help support one another here and maybe gain a few more sales.

Please don’t promote your works here or post links, but feel free to tell us a little about them to make sure they’re the right fit for the audience of people you may want to swap with. That way this has the best chance of being as beneficial as possible for everyone