Fantasy Beta Readers

Hey! I’m looking for beta readers for my book The Blades of Betrayal. I’ve recently updated it quite a lot and want some feedback.

Below is some info on the book! If you have any questions please PM my Wattpad account.

A disputed wedding, a fear of treason, an enchanted world… and a fifteen-year-old orphan who is only trying to find his meaning in life.

William Thellwel’s quiet and altogether peaceful life in the forest is disturbed when Prince Andrew of Heladar travels north, through the endless wood for his wedding to the princess of Akinstad, a beautiful young lady; but she is from a rival kingdom in which war has raged on and off for centuries.

There are certain people who are against such a controversial wedding, and it is those who form the Blades of Betrayal, and conspire to end the marriage before it even begins.

‘The Blades of Betrayal’ is a magical tale of sorrow, strife, and malice; but also the remarkable journey of a boy whom makes the incredible transition from obscurity to greatness.

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i don’t have time rn but i bookmarked this one, when i have time i’ll read and give u the feedback. :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing thank you so much!

aw welcome :slight_smile:

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